Dark Magic or dv888?

I did some extra work and I might have a little extra money
so what should I get a Dark Magic(awww no red or neon green :frowning: ) or a dv888 (I love the metallic purple color)
or if you think I should get something else let me know

My previous throw has been a velocity and im about in the intermediate range and still learning

Thanks guys

Dv888 all the way. In terms of performance there is really no competition. I don’t know anyone that likes a DM more than a Dv888.

You’ll love the DV888 beyond belief, especially as a first metal. It’s incredibly smooth and a great yoyo. I still use it as one of my primary throws. I satined the rims and the inside walls and it plays like a beast.

I can do nice, long sleepers even without a really focused throws. I just did like 3 white buddhas on a single throw and I’m still pretty sketchy with them.

But the DM is a pretty awesome yoyo as well. I just dislike the starburst. I really prefer matching response on both sides.

DV888 has my vote.

personnaly, I would go with the DM. I played with both yoyos, and i like the DM a lot better.

Dv888 is a beast 8)
you would notice a medium difference between DM and velocity, but a HUUUUUUUUUUGEdifference between Dv888 and velocity. get Dv888!!!

You said that there was no more red or neon green. Did you try (store removed)? That’s where i got mine.

EDIT: Please don’t post other online stores. This store sells both yoyo’s.

No you haven’t :confused:

Dv888. (emphasize on Dv), There’s a difference.

yea i just checked they have black white and aqua marine :frowning:

He also said on a different topic that the 888 is the best yoyo ever so he might actually be talking about the dv, no?

No, he’s probably talking about the 888. And I dislike the swelling up of the dv888’s image right now, and making the DM seem insignificant. Will the Dv888 sleep longer? Probably. Does it maybe look a bit better? Perhaps. However, the DM vs. the dv888 isn’t as cut and dry as many of you have put it. If you only have a velocity so far, you may not even know your own preferences yet. I had a high end metal. Was it awesome performance? yeah. Did it do everything that any other metal could? Sure. but it just didn’t fit me, and I traded it for a cheaper yoyo that DID fit me. You can’t tell someone which band is best, you can’t tell someone what the best TV show is, and you sure can’t tell someone which yoyo is superior.

I personally believe at intermediate you shouldn’t buy a high end metal, but rather a DM. But I hate to be a hypocrite and go against what I just said. so if you could try them, or at least analyze what type of play you like to do, and how they would benefit you in relation to what you’re spending, then choose.

You know me, so?

Yeah, I LOVE the DM so flippin much I can’t even describe it.
I currently have 2, and am trying to sell my Dv888 for money to get a third DM.

Yeah, DM’s are the awesomesauce. ;D

The only 888 he’s ever tried is mine :confused:
And I know for fact he’s never tried a Dv888.

Thought you might know him, that’s why I added a “no?”

Shut Up Brandon yes i have. :-\

If I were you I would go for a metal rimmed yoyojam that does not have hybrid response, or get a protostar. The legacy is also an option because it has the same shape as the DM only it is plastic and uses sili pad response. The Dv888 is great, and I love mine, but the others are awesome as well. I have a hitman and a DM and the hybrid response on it ruins it for me. The hitman is in my top three favorite yoyos. If you feel that you are ready for a metal, then by all means get a dv888.

I recently upgraded from the velocity to the protostar. Huge difference and I am thrilled that I upgraded. I also tried a friend’s Legacy (described as a plastic dark magic) and didn’t feel it was a huge jump from the velocity. Your milage will vary, but if you want to upgrade and wait until you know your preferences and tricks better before you go metal, perhaps consider the protostar.