New yoyo suggestions

Looking for input. I currently throw a yyf protostar and been thinking about moving to a dark magic or even a dv888. What are everyone’s opinions on these two. Any suggestions. Or suggestions about another yoyo. Please help

Number one thing we need is your budget. Then we can work from there and if you have formed a preference it would help us help you if you list it.

But since you said that you were looking into the DV888 I’ll Say that it is one fantastic yoyo and well worth the price I have thrown both the 2010 and 2011 and liked both of them. I liked the 2011’s coat a bit more though and the shapes are almost the same it plays almost exactly the same so I’ll link the review I did on my 2010 DV888.,26212.0.html

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i love my dv888 just everything about it. I threw my friends dark magic 2 and I didnt like it at all. Its really just depends on what you like. I like heavier yoyos i guess. Dark Magic just feels light to me I guess.

Dark Magic2 is heavier then the Dv888.

Technically it is heavier, but it does FEEL lighter on the string than the DV888.
It’s science… i dunno.

Spyy pro all the way

Raptor all the way. Very smooth, almost vibeless, 2 removable caps for different weight, feel, play, 2 extra sets of response pads, comes in many colors, and has 2 nice color engravings on the side. Also very smooth on grinds.

Dv888 is not a bad choice, but Raptor tends to be smoother than it.
IMO, Dv888 is highly over-rated because if you ask around, I’m pretty sure people will say Raptor all the way without even testing out the Raptor. But this is just my opinion.

Since you currently throw a Protostar, I would recommend the Rockstar 2012 or the Popstar. The shapes are similar, so it would probably feel just nice in your hand.