DV888 VS Dark Magic II

All the time people ask if DV888 or Dark Magic II is best for an intermediate to advanced player or someone that wants a good budget metal yoyo. I started out with buying a Dark Magic II and then a couple months after that I bought a DV888. Here is the key difference between the two. The DV888 is a light, smooth yoyo that has some speed to it. One can easily build massive combos with it. The Dark Magic II is a heavier, slower yoyo. The Dark Magic II specializes in more slow tricks where one is trying to emphasize a trick like a whip or something.

So how do they actually compare statistically?

The DV888 weighs in at about 67 grams and has a large C bearing. The bearing allows the yoyo to spin much longer than most yoyos (Especially for the cost of the DV888) and can sustain body grinds fairly well. speaking of grinds, the weight makes body grinds almost perfect. I am truly blown away by the fact that such an advanced yoyo can be so cheap. The biggest issue with the DV888 is the size. The DV888 is much smaller in comparison to to the Dark Magic II with a diameter of 50.04 mm and a gap size of 4.67 mm. This means that the player needs to have a bit of experience with similar yoyos as the DV888 demands some accuracy. Overall, the DV888 is a relatively cheap yoyo that has amazing performance and spin time.

The Dark Magic II weighs in around 69 grams and also uses a large C bearing. The yoyo spins quite long as well and can sustain any combination of tricks without any regenerations. The dark magic II is much larger than the DV888 with a diameter of 56.13 mm and a gap size of 4.95 mm. This allows less experienced players to still be able to enjoy this yoyo. Additionally, the Dark Magic II comes with two separate bearings: one responsive, and one non-responsive. This allows players to even begin on this yoyo. The amazing part of the Dark Magic II is that any player can use it and use it all the way up to the more advanced tricks. The main issue with the Dark Magic II is how slow it is. It is difficult to do many speed-combos with this yoyo due to its weight. Overall, the Dark Magic II offers a place for the beginner player to the yoyo master. This yoyo deserves a place in the yoyo hall of fame.

So, which one is better?

It all really depends on preference when all is said and done. Personally, I like the DV888 better because of the speed and the option to do some more advanced tricks. Again, the DV888 is also more advanced of a yoyo. The Dark Magic II is a much heavier and beginner yoyo. So, if one is looking for a heavier and more controllable yoyo, go for the Dark Magic II. If a player is looking for a yoyo that can handle some advanced combos/tricks and is on a budget, go for the DV888.


Nice job on the review. I have both and the dv888 gets way more use than the DM2.

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I think there are much better budget options than either of those and don’t think either should be recommended to anyone really, unless they pick one up off the bst just for fun.

jbritter3, My intention was to compare the Dark Magic II and the DV888. I am aware there are better budget yoyos out there, but the two budgets that are most commonly bought are the DV888 and the Dark Magic II.

I think jbriiter sat on a rabbit today

Times are changing, I think these new budget metals are going to take over both those throws.

I do understand the intention was to compare the two, but I don’t want someone just starting out to see that and think oh these are my best options when they aren’t.

I just don’t want people wasting their money is all. If I bought either of those today i’d feel like I just threw away money unless I picked each up off the bst for $10 each.

Fair enough jbritter, but the DV888 and Dark Magic II are pretty good budget yoyos.

I don’t really think they are good budget throws compared to what we have now, they are outdated imo. Designs have improved and pretty much high end throws have been brought to the low price range. and in comparison I don’t think the dv888 or dark magic II cut it. I’ve played both and so many yoyo’s of that price range beat the pants off them including the myy n12, t5, the new checkmate, I’m sure the too hot will, theres the level six and shutter close in price range. There’s just so many options of better throws imo. I know it’s all subjective, but all in all they aren’t that great to me. They fit some preferences of some people, but I think the majority of people would be happier with a myy n12 or something like that.

From what I’ve seen neither of the two hold their value well at all on the bst’s which says something as well. I think you’d be lucky to get $15 out of either of them.

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I still think you don’t understand the point of my post. I am well aware there are better budget yoyos out there, but that wasn’t what my point was. While you personally may not value either the Dark Magic II or the DV888, other people do and care about which one is right for them. I am sorry that a pro-player like yourself cannot get any useful information out of my review, but no offense, people like you weren’t exactly the intended audience for this post. So I apologize that you couldn’t find any value in what I have to say.

It’s just ridiculous that some people will take the time to bash or put their 2 cents in where it definitely isn’t needed. This was a yoyo comparison, not someone trying to push these yoyos onto newbies. There was no need for this review to become a place for people to bicker back and forth.

I want to apologize to anyone who ACTUALLY wants to buy one of those 2 yoyos and have to see some of these ridiculous posts.

It doesn’t matter that there are better yoyos than the ones talked about. That wasn’t the point of the post in the first place. It was a comparison. So some people should just keep their 2 cents to themselves.

I’m sorry guys I didn’t mean to offend you. I understand the point was a comparison, but the comparison relates to the go to recommended throws to beginners correct? That’s why I commented.

I’m not trying to say the yoyo’s suck or to never try them, I just think there are better for your money.

I’m pretty sure the post wasn’t saying “Beginners, these are the only 2 yoyos that you should buy if you’re starting out”. It was to compare 2 yoyos in around the same price range. I do agree with you in saying that there are better throws that you can buy for your money but none of that was mentioned in the original post. I’m 99% sure that the original idea of the post was to showcase the pros and cons AND the similarities between the 2.

This thread got way out of hand and I think that we should all just stop posting here unless it’s about the 2 yoyos in the post.

Sorry to anyone who reads all these posts and has no idea why we are all arguing

In the $50 range there are tremendously better yoyos. Shutter,CZM8, Too Hot, YYO throws, Level 6, Rally, Addiction,Yeti.

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And if threads like this are made more will be bought with people who run upon this thread without any insight to their other better options

If there was something at the bottom that said both were still outdated and if you were looking to buy a new throw in that price range you should check out something like the rally or shutter.


Great review. You mixed all those facts into a well understandable review.