dv888 or dm2?


what yoyo is better to me if i know some trick from expert 2 and the whole tricks from expert 1? dv888 or dark magic 2


Dm2 is ok. It will get you far but not comp level imo

Dv888 is great. Amazing for the price


I dont like the dv888 at all. I dont like the size, but the shape isn’t bad. It feels like a rock on a string (in a bad way XD).

I haven’t tried the dm2, but it can be unresponsive. I hear it’s good.


the dv888 is small yoyo like 888??

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Between the two, the Dark Magic II is a much better player.


No, it’s small like a dv888. The dv888 is its own design, no relation to anything else.

I have both. My preferences are for the DM2.

For learning and for new players, most of the more V-shaped wing-type yoyo shapes are a bit more ideal due to the more generous catch zone. The DM2 is just one of many excellent examples, but is certainly not the only one.





Why just those two? Couldn’t you buy anything in that price range?


Yes. The DV888 and 888 are almost exactly the same width and diameter.

You’ll be happy with either choice you listed.


I wasn’t aware of the dv8.

Now that I see it, I can say “I wish I still didn’t know there was a dv8”


what do you suggest in that price range

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Protostar is an amazing plastic. Comes unresponsive out of the box. The shape is nice. I am really enjoying mine. If your looking for a metal, I think you may like the echo. It is heavy and an all round good player.


Duncan raptor


If not the dm2 then^


Honestly, I would say neither. If you’re on that level of tricks you should get something that plays better than either of them, and there are many throws that are cheaper and better playing than those. Some that come to mind are a modded Classic with silicone and a C sized bearing, the Rally, many different Magic Yoyo’s after you clean the bearing and replace the stock pads with silicone or another pad, or maybe add another 10-20 dollars to your budget and get a Rec Rev or another full sized metal.


… Winning.


If you’re already at expert 2 you may want to consider buying something different. The dark magic 2 is a really good throw though so if you just want one or the other then I’d get the Dm2