I just want some facts on both to see which to buy!

I enjoyed the DV888 much more, but most people will suggest the DM. I would go with that, it is very very good

The answer to the question “Which one is better” is a resounding, “you betcha!”

The only real facts about these two are the specs. Other than that, it all comes down to opinion. Many people (including me) prefer the DV888, but just as many people prefer the DM2. If this is going to be your first yoyo, the DM2 is probably a better bet. It’s a more regulation size (the DV888 is undersized) and a little more forgiving of sloppy technique than the DV888.


Well, this is the Buy/Sell/Trade forum so why not buy one of each, decide which you prefer, and offer the other for sale at 50%, right here in this thread? :slight_smile:

FWIW, I’d rather have the DV888, but that in no way suggests that you’d necessarily be happier with the DV888. Fortunately, neither is a particularly rare item, or difficult to find in the real world. And online reviews of both abound. So with a little research on your part, I’m confident you’ll be able to determine which yoyo best suits your specific wants/needs.

I’d be more happy with the DM2. Plays better in almost every aspect IMO. Nice and fullsized, more forgiving than the small Dv888

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He’s obviously a noob, just let him be. ^^^

Anyway, both are great choices. I have both. I can’t really say which is better, but my choice would be the Dark Magic II. Wait to get a better YYF at a later date.

Both are great throws, the dm2 is a little more beginner friendly though. I have had and enjoy both considerably for the price point. Another thing you may be able to do is look around on the b/s/t and see if you can find something a little higher end for around the same price as one of those new. Good luck!

First I’ve never tried ethier… But if you are a beginner (rock the baby, pop the clutch,walk the dog, maybe split the atom) then dm2, because it comes with a responsive bearing, so you can learn more tricks as a beginner.it also has an unresponsive bearing so when you get more advanced you can still use it. If you are more intermediate, its all preference. Beginner, go with the dm2.


I prefer the DM2 over the dv888 because it’s more stable. The dv888 felt kind of too slow, but it still can do everything. The DM2 seemed to snag more.

DM2 hands down! Discussion over… ;D

Two years ago these were the yoyos to get when moving on to intermediate/advanced tricks, now I’d avoid them both as there are much better throws available in that price range. Newer YoYoJams, ProtoStar, NorthStar, StarLite, Magic YoYos, God-Tricks, Duncan Echo and Metropolis etc.