DV888 or DM2?

Ok. So I am fairly new to yoyoing, and I currently have a Chinese fake yoyo.
I have gotten some money now, so looking to get a good yoyo.

I am probably looking at either the DV888 or the DM2.

What do you guys suggest out of these 2?

I had a DV888 and have a DM2. They are both nice, but unless you know how to bind, get the DM2. You need to bind to bring the DV888 back to your hand, and the DM2 comes stock responsive, which means all you need to bring it back up is tug. Plus, the DM2 comes with an extra bearing for unresponsive play when you get better. So if you are just starting out, the DM2 is a great choice. If you have experience and can bind, the DV888 plays great for the price.

I can bind fine. I currently have an unresponsive, and I am getting things going.

So if I can bind then you think the dv888 is best?

I personally like the DM2 better.
its a preference thing.

the Dv888 feels more solid, smaller, and lighter. but you will have trouble if you want to remove the bearing. there is a chance you might break the bearing if you try to get it out wrong. then, that will cause the Dv888 to have wobble/vibe. (happened to me)

the DM2 is full sized, has more rim weight, and more floaty. if you want to take out the side caps to make it lighter, go on right ahead. you get 2 styles of the same yoyo. the only bad thing about it is that it has high walls.

they both can sleep for over 4minutes if you throw good enough.

there is always good and bad about both, and people will always give you goods and bads of both.

just choose what you think you would like. they are both GOOD!

I do like the DV888 better. It is definitely a yoyo I would take with me every because of its pice and capability. It is a great yoyo. I am not nearly as fond of the DM2.

But yes, as he said ^ it is all preference. They can both handle every trick here on YYE. I just like the shape, and I love the feel of metal. I never saw any real downsides with either yoyo, I just always went back to my DV888 because I liked it better.

But that’s just me. If I were you, I would probably just get the one I thought looked better.

Remember: you can’t go wrong with either one!

DV888 Is a great starter YoYo, and plays just about as well as my $100+ YoYos.
Haven’t tried the DM2, but I know that if you want to perform grinds and stuff, def. go for the DV888.

I would say dm2

I had nothing but problems with my DM2. Plastic can’t grind very well, you will always have vibe, and it cracks. The DV888 is extremely durable, and it has an awesome weight and it it is very easy to maneuver.

The DM2 is bigger and more stable, but it snagged more for me. The dv888 is durable, slower feeling, but can grind better.

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I have both.

DM2. Large, good catch zone, good stability and very smooth for a metal/plastic yoyo. It has a little vibe(I have 4, they all do this) but unless you’re OCD over that tiny amount of vibe that doesn’t effect play, then honestly get over it. I still play mine regularly.

The dv888 I’m not impressed with. It’s still a good yoyo, it’s just not an ideal match for me, so keep that in mind as I describe it. With metals, you want them to play ABOVE their price. The dv888 feels like it was meant to sell for what it plays, so I don’t feel like I’m getting extra bang for my buck. It’s undersized, and I am more of a full sized fan, so again, not an ideal size for me. Playability is good, but due to the massive weight in the rims necessary to make it stable and play good, it feels a bit heavy on the string and in general plays a bit heavy. This really shouldn’t be a distraction though, just something you might notice. My dv888 is very, very smooth, with no vibe that I can detect. It’s not the best grinder, but it can grind, and it can grind a bit better than the DM2, but with no IRG ring, grinds on the outer rim aren’t a good idea.

But is the dv888 a good yoyo? Yes, it is. I may not be totally “in love” with this model, but it’s still a good yoyo. It’s good enough where I’d say that most player should in fact have one. If anything, it’s become a “standard reference yoyo”. Their compact size makes them easy to carry. They sell well, which shows how popular they are.

But given the choice between a DM2 and a dv888, I’m gonna take the DM2 any day of the week. It’s all preferences. I recently bought a red one for reasons I won’t go into here, which will replace my blue one for this year.