Need help, DV888 or DM II

Okay guys I’m new to this forum and I need all the help I need. I’m a little new to yoyoing and I’m wondering what to get; a DV888 or a DMII? I heard both yoyos are really great but yet I don’t know which one to choose from ???. I’m a big fan of both YYJ and YYF so it makes it harder.
What do you guys think I should get? Im just wanting to get either the DV888 or a DM II.
Thank you, God bless. :slight_smile:

The DM2 was my first unresponsive yoyo and I’d suggest you get that. From what I’ve heard either choice is a great one, but I’ve found that I love using my DMII for learning 5a as well. :slight_smile:

Can you bind? DO you like small or large yoyos?

The DM2 can be responsive or unresponsive. It’s also at the top of the full sized spectrum.

The dv888 is small, plays a bit heavy(not bad though), and is unresponsive.

Both are great in their own ways. I prefer my DM2 over my dv888.

If you can bind and want a metal, dv888 then. If you want something a bit more “well rounded”, the DM2. It ultimately comes down to preferences. If you’re around where I live you can try both. I’m in the Sacramento, California area. PM me if you want to set an appointment and try stuff out.

Between these 2 yoyos it depends if you want a undersized (DV888) or a full sized (DMII) also i think DV888 is better for grinds(since it is all metal) then the dm2. Other than that both the Dv888 and the Dm2 can handle about anything you throw at it. Personally i like the Dm2 since i had it longer and im not really into undersized yoyos.

Yeah I can bind. I have a YYF Velocity and it’s starting to annoy me because it’s not working as I want it to. That’s why I want to get a metal or metal & plastic yoyo. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Far from Cali. Lol. I don’t mind small or big yoyos. I’ll get used to the style of play. I heard the DV888 is a really smooth yoyo and plays really great, same with the DM II. It’s a hard choice for me.

What can you guys tell me about the cons of both yoyos. If i can get cons, it would be better to choose from which yoyo I want.

Or which one gets dinged up easier?

Some good advice here. DMII is larger which can be good for a beginner but can bring you all the way to unresponsive, advanced play and in the end is a slightly more versatile yoyo. When I teach someone to throw I usually suggest the DMII.

I’ve done a little research. This is what I’ve come up with:

The DV888 will spin longer is more durable and will grinds better due to it being made of metal.
The DMII has a larger gap so it’s easier to land new tricks on. It’s also great, as I said before, for trying out 5A, while the DV888, as an undersized will be harder to learn 5A on and may not be weighty enough, (don’t quote me on that).

In the end though, it all comes down to preference, like small YoYos? Buy the DV888. Like fullsized/slightly large Yoyos? buy the DMII.

Thank you very much Hogheg; you’re helping me out a lot. I was wanting to put a KonKave bearing on either yoyo, would the gap get smaller on DM II with the KonKave bearing?

The Speed Bearing in the DMII and the Dif-E-Yo YYJ Konkaves are the same size. Just remember to choose a Konkave bearing labelled as being made for YoYoJams and it’ll work great.

Okay, thank you Hogheg. I will go with the DM II. Thank you all to who has helped me. Wish me luck guys. God bless!

You’re welcome. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Dm2 is more beginner and dv888 is more advanced

What difference does it make if a Konkave is labeled for YYJ or not?

I don’t know, but that’s how they have them listed on the Dif-E-Yo site… I guess there are slight size differences between the bearings.

Oh, those are just the sizes. YYJ and YYF are the main companies that use the C-sized bearings, so they say it’s a “YoYoJam sized bearing.” However, in reality, it’s just a C-sized bearing.


If you need a more advanced yoyo buy a DV, but i will recommend you a Dm II. I`m waiting for mine :smiley:

PoizN : Tell me how it goes. I want a more advance yoyo and everyone is saying the DV888 is more advance and has a longer spin time. So, DV888 it is :slight_smile: Do you guys think it’s a rip off too make it $10 more for the splash edition?