dv888 0r DM2

whats the difference??? is it more stable or smoother? ???

They are both great yoyos. I can’t compare them as I don’t have a dv888 (although I may get one). If you already have an idea of what you want, you’ll know which to buy, and if you don’t, just buy whatever looks cooler.

I have both of them and they are very different

If you like oversized: dark magic
If you like undersized: dv888
Lighter: dark magic
Heavier: dv888

Another thing to think about is of you are a beginner, the dm2 would be great. The reason why the dv888 is not good for beginners is because it is small, which means the gap is small. That makes it harder to land mounts and stuff. In the end both of them are great yoyos.

Not exactly… I learned on one

I don’t think it is impossible to learn on an undersized, it just takes a little more effort.

I have not tried a Dv888 either, but I have a DM2 and it is very nice. But, I hear most people prefer the Dv888 to the DM2. But I think it falls down to your preferences and your “rank” (beginner, intermediate, advanced etc). If you are more of an intermediate player, I think your better off with a DM2 because it can last your entire yoyoing “career.” You can change it from a beginner yoyo to an advanced yoyo at will. While with a Dv888, it is strictly an advanced yoyo. If you like big, heavy weight yoyos, I’d get the Dark Magic; if you like smaller, light weight yoyos, you should get a Dv888. Hope this helped.

I would say the Dv888. A small yoyo is not harder to learn on, it is just undersized, not extremely small such as the POPstar or Mighty Flea. You just gotta get used to it.

I tend to see vibe in the DM2, but not on every throw. They both play well, do same tricks, but on grinds though, DM2 doesn’t seem to grind so well for Fing Grinds compared to Dv888.

But on the other hand, the DM2 is the beast for IRG’s, but the Dv888 has no ridge for that grind.

I would say the Dv888 out of those two, I feel it’s a bit smoother and that you might like to try out full metal.

But over that, all you know I gotta say, I would recommend the Raptor if I was to recommend any.
Raptor is quite smooth, has very little vibe, comes with 2 extra sets of response systems, 2 removable caps for different feel, play, comes in many sharp colors and has a nice feel to it. Also has a laser engraving on each side. It plays well, just like any other yoyo, some say it’s pared up to 100$.
Another reason I’m debating, I hear many people say that it’s “better” than the Dv888.

I have both as well, and for me the difference really is in binding. If you’re proficient with binds, then please go ahead and get the DV888. The DV888 will get you through tutorials way faster and way farther than the DM2 will get you. If, on the other hand, you really don’t know the right way to throw and/or bind, then the DM2 will probably be better for you. Both are good yoyos, but if you don’t want to spend $85 on your beginner/intermediate yoyos, save $40 by not getting the DM2, as it becomes obsolete (compared with the DV888) once you learn binds, in my opinion.

Agree with ^.

Learn to bind, just get it. You don’t need to get it proficiently be but you just gotta be able to understand it and do it properly. If you have a yoyo with a good response (preferably not worn), you can still bind tight with a “slacky” bind. So don’t worry about failing bind in the Dv888, bind is easy to learn.

dv888. the dm2 is a great throw, don’t get me wrong, but I find the dv888 to be just better overall. Even if you don’t know how to bind, I’d still recommend the dv888. Very first trick I learned when I got my dm in the mail was to bind, and I practiced it like all day until I got it down.

the dm2 is heavier than the dv888. 69g to 66g.

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Just a note: if you remove the caps from the DM2, you can take off 2g or so. So you have that flexibility.

I don’t see how the DM2 could possibly become obsolete to the DV888. I know that’s your opinion, but they’re so different. Like Brandoide1 said, it’s about preference.

With relation to going through Andre’s tutorials. It’s very tough to get through the tutorials with only a DM, and so when you hit the advanced section, a longer spinning yoyo like the DV888 is very nice to have, and helps a lot. I’m not saying that the DV888 is better than the DM in every regard, but it’s going to get you much farther along than the DM.

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Ah’m not too sure ah can agree with that. Ah can get mah DM to spin more than long enough. Even though ah’d prefer a yoyo other than the DM, it can still surely spin long enough, even with these hooves oh mine.

(oh, and about the weight: Ah think ah’ve heard that dv888 feels mighty heavy. Even if with all those technicalities it ain’t as heavy, it could still feel that way. I was noticin’ the same thing with mah campfire here, it feels like ah lot more than the sixty two and ah half grams it is.)

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To me, claiming that the DV888 is a much longer spinning yo-yo is very curious. The DM2 has a bigger diameter. It’s heavier. It’s more rim weighted (I think, judging by the metal/plastic design).

But even if the DV888 is truly longer spinning, I don’t see how the DV888 would get you “much farther along” than the DM2. Both these yo-yos can sleep for minutes at a time, long enough to spin through the toughest trick a few times on a single throw. You say “only a DM” like it really holds you back; it shouldn’t.

No yoyo is going to hold you back, but it is easier to learn the tricks on a longer spinning, more stable yoyo.

I doubt that the DV888 is longer spinning and more stable than the DM2. I would be surprised if that’s the case.

Oh please try the DV888 if you haven’t, then. I assure you, it’s much more stable and much longer spinning than the DM.

i have used a Dv888, and i have a DM2, i loved the Dv888 my friend let me use, and if i could i would go back in time and get that instead

Oh goodness, does spintime matter? A good THROW, and simply a yoyo is enough to get through any trick.

Yes, Hidemasa on a fixed axle, or McBride on a Wooden Imperial.

If you got trouble doing the tricks in the list, even on a Kickside or DM2, and you’re talking about spintime debating, you seriously got a problem.

I have both of these throws and I think they are both great. It really comes down to your preference and skill level. If you are an intermediate player looking to step up I would say go with the dm2 because it has the option to be responsive. Thus you can move through multiple skill levels. It also depends on your size preference. One is full the other undersized. Personally I like the DV888 more because it is smaller and all metal. The capabilities of these Yoyo are about the same though. They are capable of doing any trick. Like I said, it comes down to preference. They are both GREAT throws. Prolly the best in that price range.