Dark Magic II or dv888?

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Which would be better for an intermidiate player? Which one sleeps longer? Which one is it easier to do string tricks with? Thanks.


Given the questions you use as stipulations I would have to go with the DMII


I have both. I can land anything I know(which isn’t much) with both.

Gotta say DM2. Easier to throw. The wider profile makes it easier to land tricks. It’s heavy, but also larger, which makes it spin longer, more stable and great long spin times.

I also happen to have the DM2 longer than the dv888. I like the DM2 a lot more.


Both are great, i don’t like the DM2 as much (nor do i have one) as i like the dv888 though. True it is a slight bit harder to learn on the dv888 but not significantly harder. It spins a really long time, has awesome grinds and is a very capable yoyo. On the other hand tons of people love the DM2 and I have tried it and it is quite good just not my favorite. Hope this helps!


Honestly you can’t go wrong with either. I’ve had both for an extended amount of time. The DV888 was my first choice and I loved every second of it.

Both have a solid presence on and off the string, both feel heavier than most yoyo’s I have played but play as fast or as slow as you’d like them to. I’d say the DMII plays faster.

The only difference is the material and specs. Obviously the DMII is a bimetal and the DV888 is all metal.

The DV888 is an undersized throw and I’d say the DMII is medium-full sized.

If you get a DV888 try to get one that was produced before 2009…you can tell by the lack of a “Made in China” engraving on the rim.

This might not be a commonly shared thought, but I feel they are made better.

EDIT: Forgot to pick which one I personally like better.

I’d say the the Dark Magic, but that was a very hard choice to make…

The DMII is great for 5a if you get into it. Once you accumulate more yoyo’s the DMII is an awesome carry around. I take mine everywhere.


Keep in mind a key point that Sgt1yoyo1 points out: Best or better are relative. Preferences play a key factor in what people do and don’t like.

I like the DM2. He dislikes the DM2. I respect and accept his preferences.


You bring up an interesting point. I have a 2011 dv888.

Are you in a position where you can talk briefly about the differences between say, the 2009 and 2011 dv888s? It may help the OP with some of their decision making.


Neither. Counter attack or protostar outplay both.


While many won’t agree with you Moise…you bring up a good point.

Don’t limit yourself OP. There are tons of other options in the price range. And more to come.

The counter Attack I had was garbage…Protostar beats it a hundred times over.

If I had to choose between the DMII and the Protostar …I couldn’t…Protostar feels way to hollow for me.

Try a Northstar.


I had a DM2 for a while and I really enjoy it. Since your an intermediate player, the DM does come with responsive & unresponsive bearings. So when you need response just swap the bearings and you can accommodate different play styles.

Never played a DV888, so I can’t weight in on it.


I do completely agree with the spirit of thinking outside the box. In this case, the box being the box that the DM2 comes in and the box that the dv888 comes in.

But, a trend we’re all guilty of is stepping outside the box and making additional recommendations. The OP and other future “this vs that” posters should keep in mind that the people here want to help, so they aren’t making suggestions just to confuse you, just to maybe give additional options.

In general, I try to keep my comments based on what the OP is requesting. And with that, I still stand behind my recommendation for the DM2 based on what he’s after. Both are great, but I am admittedly biased in favor of the DM2.

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What does OP stand for? Well i think I will get a DM2… But for yoyos 50$ and less, what yoyo would you peeps say could sleep the longest?


OP stands for “Original Poster”, referring to the person who started a message thread.

And for under $50, for me, it’s still the DM2. I haven’t personally timed my DM2, dv88, protostar, northstar, dienasty, PGM, Whip, ONE, FH2’s or FHZ’s, or even some of my off-string items though, but in casual observation, it seems my DM2 gets it. But, in the right hands, I’m sure anyone of of these could easily get over 3 minutes of spin time except maybe the Whip and ONE since I think they are too light. I know my Aodas aren’t going to see those kind of spin times.


I gotta say, and maybe it’s just me, my Counter Attack isn’t outplaying much of anything in my collection, certainly not my Dark Magic II or DV888.


It may just be me, but the dm2 seems more like a plastic than a metal. I don’t like it very much, but sometimes it’s fun to play. I use it as my modding dummy, and just to fool around with satining and such. The protostar outplays it by far, but I like my counter attack above all. I’ve never played a dv888, but it seems a lot like the protostar to me. IMO, the counter attack is very underrated and people should review and buy it more. Ima make a review/comparison between these 3 yoyos soon, and probably make a video.


Tell you what… I’m going to take my Counter Attack out and play it while watching NCIS tonight.
Maybe I haven’t given him a fair shake yet.

fair spin


dv888 is way better if you know how to bind if you dont get the dark magic.the dv888 is all metal and lasts longer. the yyf spec bearing are amazing it is very good. so my choice is dv888 :slight_smile:


Yeah I was just playing with my counter attack and my dm2, and the dm2 feels like a cheap plastic yoyo. It feels hollow, and it just feels cheap. My counter attack on the other hand is more stable, and it also feels more solid.

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I am so frustrated… >:( You people are making it so dang hard to choose a yoyo… So the dv888 just doesnt come with a smaller bearing, but you could put one on it and it would become responsive? man… The dv888 is lighter, but it is smaller… I want a heavy yoyo that is small. The dm2 is heavy, but is large. AHHHHH