Darkmagic2 vs DV888

I dont know if i should get a Darkmagic2 or Dv888, Which is better?


neither is better. It’s 100% preference.

very true…

But, a whole lot of people prefer the DV888 over the DM2

i for one prefer the DV888

hard to compare because they differ in size and weight. that is where your preference is going to come into play…

Yes, get one, either one. can’t go wrong.

I would just say pick it randomly.

dv888: undersized
pretty smooth
unresponsive (requires bind)

dm2: oversized
not grindable
also pretty smooth
comes with 2 bearings, so can be tug responsive or unresponsive

DM2 is a great yoyo with a slim bearing and an un-responsive bearing (Speed Bearing). It can do the hardest tricks on the list to Stop’n Go. Having to be a Bi-Metal, it has a great amount of rim-weight causing the momentum to spin for quite a while. It grinds well on palm grinds, but rather tacky on the finger grind. It has multiple IRG ridges, easy for thumb grinding.

Dv888 is an all metal yoyo but for a few bucks more. It’s very smooth on the finish, grinds well but doesn’t have IRG ridge though. Same thing gets through anything, but doesn’t have any sign of responsiveness. If you want responsive, you need to either buy a slim bearing or lube the bearing inside. Then for un-responsiveness, you either clean the bearing or play with it for a long time. Not too interchangable in this case. Neither is better than another. And no,metal doesn’t mean it spins longer.

I would choose the Dv888 over it just cause of grinds and that I love the feel of metal. And any preferences that you have that can help us/you out? Skill, shape, material, special requirements…

And if you were to choose the Dv888 over the DM2, sorry if I must, but I’m gonna need to pick another fight.

I would just go with the JK by yyf

He didnt mention he wanted one dude

he probably didn’t know they existed either.
I’ve never even heard of them until right now o.O
but a $20 metal sounds good.

In the end after reading the discussion I decided getting dv888. No regrets here

Maybe other then getting a stuck bearing.

dv888 but i recommend a godtrick like a cyclone

Ok, so I’d you want a 100 percent performance yoyo, dv888. However, the dm2 feels more fun IMO, and is more stable too. You can also look at the gfunk, because you can get one for 50 dollars, and it is one of the best Yoyos at that price IMO

DV888 no doubt

Especially if u like smaller sized yoyo

i was thinking that same thing, but i think the dv888 is too small for its shape. although the dm2 is a good yoyo, the metal rims get old pretty fast.