Dv888 Vs. DarkMagic2

So? I never really tried metal, most of my yoyos are plastics,

By the way, how about the HitMan? Normal and Pro.

dv888. as i said in the other forum antwan.
most yyj bi-metals have vibe and they do as much as dm2. it’s not my throw but 3 outa 10 throws has vibe. sometimes better, sometimes worse but dv888 is just a wide gap, budget good example of a cheap high end. (idc if it is a high end or not, but i plays and meets all the criteria for “high end”.)

well I agree with skeleton, just buy a DV888 it is a high end metal yoyo, but yyj bi-metals don’t make too much vibe. I have the Hitman pro it is smooth, but I like Dv888 better

yeah. they’e smooth but maybe the one I got was poorly made. haha :smiley:

One is small, one is big. Which would you prefer?

I got experience with small yoyo’s so my precision is great. If I got DM2 tricks would be easier, but vibe, I think I’ll go with the DV888…

But I still want more opinions. Skeleton your the only one who always reply to me saying “BUY DV888!” on all threads/topics.

well i reply like that cause it’s true. also consider raptor and zen, zen5 or mercury. you can make another thread on those yoyo’s

i have both they are both great players and my dark magic is vibe free when i put a ten ball bearing in and the dv888 i also have a ten ball they are smooth but overall i like the dv888 better cuz its small i like small yoyos its fast grinds amazingly any grind u want and spins forever great for combos

I tried both and have a DV888

DV888 all the way, awesome performer, fed mine with a ceramic KK, the sky’s the limit

the DM plays great, but not at all in the same category, the DV888 is unbelievable for it’s price

a bit of lack of personality, but if you have to ask, you probably fairly new to yoyoing, so you might be after throws that are easy to play, spin for a long time and remain stable

in other words: dv888

i have both of those. dm2 is way more smooth no vibe at all. dv888 grinds forever. both spin long i would have to say dv888 plays longer on the string then dm2. but both are good. i had dm2 first then got dv888 i felt dm2 was to big but i like undersized throws.

DM2 is more smooth? No vibe? I don’t know if that’s a fact or not…