How’s the DV888???


I don’t know about everyone else, but mine is pretty smooth :wink: It was my first uresponsive metal and is still my go-to throw to this day. But to answer your question, go for it, and really good!


Ya it is a great first metal!

  Do you know what your preference is? The dv888 has a fairly wide gap and is heavy. It is also very stable with long spins but can not be pushed to much to go fast or it tends to spin out of control. It has a very smooth surface and spins very smoothly.


Perfect. Thats exactly what i want. but ive also considered the DM II


I would prefer the dv888 over the dm2


Yea… the Dark Magic is a little too heavy


I have both. I prefer the DM2 over the dv888. I like bigger and heavier. I think the DM2 looks better too, but hey, that’s just me.


Agreed! The DMII really does look better, but if it was around 65 grams, I would love that yo-yo much more than I do now


I love my dv888 but using it for 2 months dead smooth and can handle any trick you throw at it


I love my DV888, plays like glass. I also cant stand the YYJ adjustable gaps. but thats just me.


Most YYJ aren’t using adjustable gaps. I don’t consider the ability to use a slim and full SPEC bearing to be adjustable gap.

The dv888 is a great little yoyo. I’m glad I have it. I had my eyes on it for quite a while and it’s not just a great throw, it’s a fantastic value for what you get. But, I just happen to like my DM2 better. Just preferences.

The dv888 is ideal for a first metal. It’s ideal as “another” metal too. It’s a lot of fun, good for practice, good for anything. Not sure about competitions, but it’s still a great little yoyo. I do know a few people who don’t really like the dv888, but most people I know really like it. It won’t be a top 5 for me, but it’s gonna get thrown a lot.


The DM2 is awesome! Has really good grinds, nice design, performs really well. I don’t really love the DM2, it’s kind of ugly and too big, and too heavy. Really, though, almost any yoyo is good. they can all do everything pretty much. just a matter of prefrence.


I think it’s a fine yoyo, but nothing very special or interesting about it. For a similar cost, I prefer the Raptor.


It’s okay.

I liked the 2010 one better (Holds sili better.).

I like my JK though. Might look into it if they still have 'em.


I really dislike the dv888 because it is small and heavy and so it feels like a tank and it just didn’t perform like I had hoped, glad that I didn’ buy it, hehe. The raptor is amazing for the same price and can even be used for competition but a better yoyo is the JK. Yeah sounds crazy but that little guy has probably the best performance of undersized yoyos ever, seriously. Solid weight withough feeling heavy and can move fast or slow and actually has a ton of spin time, I love that little yoyo and for 21 dollars, how can anyone resist, hehe. It also has a V shape witch is uncommon with budget metals and plastics, most have highwalls or are organic shape like the raptor (it is still amazing though) and the JK really can handle aot more thanks to the shape, rejections, horizontal, you name it.