Dv888 vs Dark Magic 2

Many people have trouble choosing a yoyo, 2 of some of the most popular yoyos on the market today is the dv888 and the Dark Magic 2. I had trouble choosing the dv888 and the dark magic 2. Now after I’ve made my choice, I want to see what other people will or already has chosen between these two yoyos. Which is your favourite?

                Mine is the Dv888.

I will not reply to anyone :wink: , so explain which one is better or your favourite,
Explain why.

Is it your first yoyo?

I have a dm2 and its awsome. And I have friends who has dv888. I like both very much. Dm2 is cool looking and stable. Dv888 is really smooth and has great spin time. But like I said. Both are awsome!

Never thrown a dm2 :confused: but i do own a dv888. The previous version though, not the one made in china. Although im sure the one that is made in china plays just as good. Love the dv888 and i reccomend it to anyone who has even considered buying one. Even if you are more experienced like myself, you will still find yourself picking it up once in awhile because it can handle anything yout throw at it. I can’t say the same for the dm2 although, Just for a lack of experience. But i believe the dv888 would be more promising for experienced players just because the dm2 has quite a large highwall which can prove fatal in performances haha…

I have thrown a friend’s Dv888 and I really liked it. I have not thrown a DM2 but have thrown the first Dark Magic and I don’t think it is as floaty as I would have like it.

Well I made the dm2 vs dv888 choice also, went with the dm2. It plays great, and it always seems to spin just long enough to complete your trick. When I get back in the States I’ll put a terrapin in. I highly reccomend this one.

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I got the DM2 first. My first “modern” yoyo.

Later on, I got the dv888. Not bad. Not amazing.

I still like the DM2 better.

Honestly, I think that might be the shortest post I’ve seen you do.