Yoyojam dark magic 2 or Yoyofactory dv888

I think the dv888 is better because my friend has one it it has amazing sleep times. I have also used a dark magic 2 and it is good but I think the dv888 is better.Which is better???

Which is better?

If you think the dv888 is better, it is.

If you think the DM2 is better, then it is.

It’s as confusing as that.

I have both. I like my DM2 better than my dv888. Am I right? In my preferences, yes.

Keep in mind we’re not talking “apples to apples” here. Different shapes, weights and materials, as well as where the weight is. Both are great yoyos. It ultimately comes down to what you like.

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It all comes down to your current level of play and what specs you are looking for. The DMII is, IMO, probably a more versatile yoyo for beginner all the way to advanced while the DV888 is geared more towards intermediate to advanced play.