Which yoyo should I get?

I’ve recently rediscovered yoyoing after about a 15 year hiatus. I would consider myself an intermediate player and in order to progress, I’m looking for a good decently priced ball bearing yoyo. So far I’m considering the Metal Zero, Dark Magic or the dv888. Any suggestions or advice? Any other yoyo’s I should also consider? Any help would be great. Thanks.

The DV888 is the best yoyo out of the three, the Dark Magic is adjustable from bind to no, and the Metal Zero is not a very good yoyo.

I would highly suggest getting the DV888. Highly.

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as for yoyos any yyj plastic should be good(kickside, speed maker, journy)
also plastic metals(dark magic, hitman, speeder)
also if you are a begginer you should buy some thick lube to keep the yoyo responsive found here http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/58/YYJ-Lube
or sewing machine oil

i would suggest the oxy ti or the freehand mg, great yoyos!

he just restarted i doubt he has that much money to blow. also why did you buy them if you just started

Lyn Fury is really good for its price $15… a great yoyo


Dv888 is a great yoyo, everything is good about it. Especially the price! The DM is a great yoyo that comes with great performance. I have yet to play a metal Zero, so nothing on that.

Whichever one you feel comfortable with. Big? go with the DM. Small? Go with the Dv888. (its not THAT small, its just undersized, but don’t judge its play by its size :D)

In my opinion get the dv888 they are the best there and are stable and sleep for ages. Hope this helps!!

If you want a responsive, go Metal 0, It breaks easily though, not my recommendation… I dont know the others

I was in this exact same situation ( only it was like 10 years or so) but I got a Dv888 and yeah I would totally recommend it for you

You could go with any of these yo-yos. As for the metal zero all you need to do is satin it, take out one sticker, and glue one side of the axel in and it is a great 5a throw. The DV888 is more undersized and the DM is a little bigger. If I were you I would get a KK and a DM and stick with that. But again thats just my opinion. ::slight_smile:

super star, its super!!!