revolution or dv888

Please sombody i don’t know what to do!!! should i get a yoyojam revolution or a yoyofactory dv888??? i dont know! I have a dark magic but its worn out and i am on the expert section here so… please any comments.

Depends on your play level. Can you bind? if not I would get the revolution, since it comes with 2 bearings.

If you can bind I would get the Dv888 its such a great yoyo, and its on sale!!!

Yes, if you’re moderately skilled, get a dv888 while it lasts on YYE.

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Do you want a big or a small yoyo?

   Yes i can bind. I am currently using a dark magic and am working on the expert levelof the tricks here but my dm keeps tilting to the side after about 5 seconds and it only spins for about 20 seconds though its supposed to spin 3 times longer! It agrivates me.

Dv888 all the way. No question about it. You’ve tried a YoYoJam, time to move on to better things, lol.

It’s not the yoyo. It’s you.
Work on getting a straight strong throw.
You shouldn’t ever have to move up from a Dark Magic.

well ugggg  :-[ i kind of also lost part of my bearing on my dm so the side of the bearing is gone on one side and thats the side it tilts to so... yeah  :-[

dv888, you have a yyj and a half plastic half metal so now its time for a metal

yeah but im hesative because the last time i tried an all metal ( the metal zero by duncan ) it broke and now its junk. However i was more inexperienced then so maybe…

Or just buy a new bearing and keep working on tricks with your DM…

You mean the bearing shield came off? That’s not a big deal. Take the bearing and flip it around. I bet it’ll still tilt to the same side of the yoyo.

Work on a straight throw. Make sure your string tension isn’t too bad. Also:

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what did you do to it?

  actualy i just played with it for about a day and my string knotted so i unscrewed it and unknotted it then when i tried to screw it back it just kept screwing in and never got tight. What happened was i striped the side so it was smooth and i couldn't screw it back in. then the axle broke and i gave up.

Do you mean the shield? This little circle held on to the side of the bearing by a large C?
Chances are that has nothing to do with tilting the hybrid response is more of a difference but it honestly has no effect.
Listen to Apetrunk, He knows what he’s talking about.

@ lightjak, Metal Zeros are made of a cheaper grade of aluminium than most metals, and seem to have a higher tendency to strip the threading, especially first run. Just don’t think that it’s impossible to strip the threading, it’s just more likely not to happen and takes much more force than it takes to screw it together.

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I’m sorry… but the Metal Zero really isn’t a REAL metal yoyo. You need to try a REAL one. Metal Zeros suck, I know.

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Better. IMO Some people like them and some don’t. I hate them and I prefer the FHZ.

Cool. But now that yall know whats up… WHICH ONE!!!

I really like the Dv888 because it’s really smooth, fast or slow, and nice shape. I think you will like it more than the Revolution and has more of a solid feel, and is all metal. Personally, I think that teh Dv888 is the way to go. :wink:

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i second that Dv888 and x52 for the win!!!