What yoyo??

What yoyo should I get?? I already have the dark magic. (any price range)

Well there’s a huge market, so there’s a few things we need to know first:

  • Do you want a metal?
  • Do you want another hybrid (YYJ)?
  • Do you want something similar to the Dark Magic?
  • Do you want something completely new?

Answer at your best capability, and we’ll help you out.

the boss is just a cheap 888

I was thinking about getting either a dv888 or a hectic which one should I get?? I want a metal one that plays well and is smooth.

You should still answer those questions though. Most metals out there play well and smooth, so you don’t need to worry about that. Look around and see if something catches your eye. Answers to said questions would still help though.

I do want a metal, I wouldnt mind another hybrid response it doesn’t really matter to me, I want a yoyo factory yoyo, and I would try something completely new.

Well you got a lot to choose from. There’s a throng of YoYoFactory metals out there, and a bunch of them are reasonably priced. Boss, Genesis, C13, Frantic, Dv888 and Hectic all have a good price to them. And my guess is that you don’t have that precise preferences yet, so you just have to see which one you’re more interested in.

You also have a lot of other brands to choose from, so don’t forget to look into those as well. And remember that there’s no such thing as a ‘best’ yoyo. You will find a yoyo that you want more than anything, buy that one.

Yeah I think im gonna go with the dv888 but should I get a Large bearing or a small bearing? What difference does it make?

You may want to start off with a large bearing. It’s said that the small bearing is more suited for 5a and really experienced players.


Ok then I will get the large bearing because I dont do any 5a

I heard that the dv888 is better than the hectic, but i have never thrown any of them.

my dv888 is a nice yoyo but it slows down tremendously on the string

So what yyf yoyo do you think I should get?

boss is better than superstar so boss
but if you want best of fundametals get hectic

Woah, Woah, Woah… No yo-yo is better than the other. You have been on the Forums long enough to have figured that out already. Some people like the Superstar better than the BOSS, some people like the dv888 better than the Hectic. It’s all preference.


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Is the boss good with grinding?

Anything metal works for grinding. Anodized metal works pretty good for grinding, and I think the Boss is anodized.