The best cheap metal?

i dont know what to get

i have heard great things about the dv888

Well, your profile informs me that your favorite yoyo is the DV888… this then poses a few scenarios:

  1. You currently own a DV888. If this is true, I recommend trying something new.

  2. You do not own one, but have tried one. In which case, if you like it so much, just get it.


Umm what shape/size/weight do you like? Any of them will be good choices.

What are some of your preferences?
If you wanna try something new, Try the C13 or the frantic.

The BOSS is the best yo-yo I have ever used… but my favorite yo-yo that I own is dv888. I chose BOSS anyways.

xdohl ya ive tried a dv888 only metal i ever used thats why its my favorte. buti wanted to see witch one is the best

The Genesis.

c13 ;D You can also put hubstacks on it :wink:

They said it’s compatible with the Hubstacks but there will be a bad vibe if you do.

I’ve heard great things of the Boss, Hectic, and Dv888

i dont know why people keep saying it will give it vibe. In the description it say it may give it vibe

you need a “other” poll
i would say k2j warning line cause it preformes better than my superstar

I’ve tried stacks on it, and it was perfectly balanced on the stacks. No noticable vibeo or anything.

The Dv888 is my favorite yoyo but the boss has more stabilty because of its extra rim wieght.

All the Way 8)

c13’s rim weight is the best

Ive played with a warning line (k2j) and i gotta say it rocks!!! but out of your chioces posted i would go with the boss. more stable than the dv888. but your really can’t go wrong with either one.