Whats the best metal yoyo

hello im considering buying a metal yoyo. it would be my first metal so what’s the best one for string tricks? (keep it around 100) :slight_smile:

what are your perferences and i hear the dv888 is a good begginer metal yoyo and its really good and 64.99

Well, the dv888 is pretty good i would go with that. But thats my opinion. It kinda matters how good you are. If you are intermediate or a bit better than that, go with the dv888 but it really matters on what you like. Good Luck! ;D

my compleatly biased opinion is if you like undersized get a hatrick or if you like a yoyo thats a bit bigger get a Primo. The primo is a more angular shape and the ghatrick is a more rounded shape.

'10 California :stuck_out_tongue:

genesis or g5 but im gonna get an 88x soon

Genesis, 44, Lunatic, Eneme, BOSS, 888x, Remnant, Y-Factor, Beysick, Dv888…etc. :wink:

asking a question like this will give you a hundred different answers and just confuse you on what you want :-\

It’s what fits your preferences the best. I would start out with a Yoyofactory FundaMETAL though. Like the new Protege that’s about to come out looks pretty sweet, that’s in the FundaMETAL price range. I also suggest the Lunatic to start out with, it fits my preferences. Tell us your preferences though. :wink:

I like the dm butterfly shape best so far but im fine with the protostar shape i’ve never tryed 2a 3a 4a or 5a because ima beginer i like the protostar’s centertrak bearing but the whole thing where it gets stuck on the spacer is a pain. hope this helps. oh yeah i’ve said this before in other questions but can you list the pros and cons of metal yoyo’s you’ve owned? it would help best.

Exactly! Just pick one randomly, chances are you’ll like it very much. :slight_smile:

well you could at least tell what you think you might want (like a yoyo especially good for grinds, or one that is stable or smooth or floaty or whatever) but if you really dont know then just pick anyone that seems good because if you really dont like it then you can trade it.

It would be good to learn grinding

If you’re looking for a metal, get a Dv888. It’s a great choice for starting out with metals. And it’s price was recently cut by $20 bucks, so it’s 44 bucks now. Trust me it’s just as good as an 888 for half the price.