which metal yoyo?

hi guys,i will buy my first metal yoyo and i want to know which yoyo is better ,here is the list :
1.M1 ,if i find ^^
3.YYF Frantic
4.YYF Hectic

that’s all :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

I dunno if you’re gonna find a dv888 either.

Iheard that Hectics are good though.

First of all, what yoyos do you have now? We need to find you something that will fit your preference.
What Shape do you like? H, round ect
What size? big, medium, small?
Mod Or Maintain?
Skill Level? advanced, expert, master?

i got YYJ new breed,and i’m in half of expert1 tricks ;D
i need something that more perfect on grinding and i decided to be metal,but as i see,there is many yoyos with different shapes,that’s make it hard to choose :frowning:
and it will be my 1st metal yoyo 8)

i forgot to say,my YYJ new breed is with normal bearing(YYJ bearing) and i will buy YYF silicone o-rings because my NB’s silicone are out and can’t put them back :-X :-\

i would take the lunatic if i were you, but its really up to you.

i was thinking to get a dv888 or YYF Frantic and if i found m1 i will get it

i would go with frantic due to you can get it $15 cheaper than the dv8 88. they are about the same IMO

I got my hectic in today (Small bearing) I’ve thrown it for about 3 or 4 hours soa far and it’s AMAZING!.. in my opinion that is.

I’m hoping to get a review up soon, But I’ve never written one before so I’m gonna read some of the “How to write a good review” topics before I do. I’m sure there are tons of reviews up about it already though, So o could take a look at those.

haha,here the dv888 and frantic are with the same price,there is frantic splash is only more expensive like 5,6$ …
so which yoyo would u recomand me? :slight_smile:

If you can find a DV888 anywhere I would get one, its an amazing yoyo and you won’t be dissapointed as long as you dont mind the size, it’s in the smallish range

what is bearing size of dv888 ?
i saw it’s C size ,but many said that is A size…
is it true that is small bearing ?

You can get either. There are large and small versions. I have the small bearining dv888 and Tactic and I love them. The tactic is really nice because it’s narrow but I love the dv. Can’t decide which I like more. I’ve heard that the frantic doesn’t have the best weight distribution but I’ve never played one.

It all depends. I would go witht he tatic b/c of shape & whieght, and would stay away from the hectic for the same reasons.

question…as good of a company YYF is, why only choose from their yoyos? Price or preference?

because i want my first metal yoyo,and to be cheap,all other companies got metal yoyos but they are more expensive…
that’s why ;D