Favorite YYF yoyo?

What is your favorite yoyo factory yoyo?

My favorite YYF yo-yo would have to be the BOSS. I don’t own one, but I have tried one. My favorite YYF yo-yo that I own would have to be the dv888.


last night i tried all sorts of yyfs including the boss and c13 but i like the 888

I dont know which one to buy so between the boss and dv888 which one is better?

No yo-yo is better than the other, it’s all preference. Some people may like the dv888 better than the BOSS, some people may like the BOSS better than the dv888 (which would be me).

I’ve tried the DV888. It’s amazing.
But it’s all up to preference for you.

Have you even tried one?

i have a 888(09) and have recently got the dv888, c13 and the boss. Out of the 3 I like the boss the best, but its all preferecne. There is a really cool thing about the c13 that I love. When you get a bad bind you dont have to pick it out with a paper clip or what ever. Simple reach in and pull it out with your fingers. I love that lil feature… But i find the boss more stable plus its anodized so it grinds better as well.

That being said i still love my 888. but i’ve been playing with the 3 new yyf’s alot and the boss is winning that little battle.

A lot of people have been telling me the boss i think ill get that

good boy

Is the boss good with grinds?

Oh yeah, it PWNS at grinds.

The Hectic. (small bearing) It just perfectly matches my preferences, and is pretty much the only yoyo out there that does. (under-sized, H-shape, small bearing) Not to mention it’s dead smooth and grinds like a beast.

Catch 22 or Dv888.

Definitely the Skyline.

the BOSS i dont own one but they are awesome my fave yoyothat i own is the 888

Dv888 all the way.

do you own a catch 22??? if so, gimme your address and im coming to rob you… jk… kinda… lol

i have never thrown a yyf so my favorite is the BOSS