best yyf yoyo

i want to get ur opinion on what the best yyf yoyo is.

none you might want to change it to favorite yyf and mine so far is the die nasty

superstar or 888. i like em both

888 and Protostar


I’m partial to the Superstar.

Skyline - 888 - PGM - G5 - Superstar

Those so far are the only ones I’ve tried.


F.A.S.T 201!

I have only tried the FAST 201 and I wasn’t so fond of it.

However, I really want a DNA.

i have only tried the Ocho8ocho and the Dv888 of those two i like them both equally


California, G5, and Skyline for the pricier ones,

DV888 is amazing for a cheaper metal throw,

and for plastics, pgm of course.

My 888 is cool.


i like my 888 best

superstar or dna

muntant dna r californias

888 or Boss or Superstar I have all these yoyos I like them all. Im a yyf crazy I love there yoyos and G5 is really good but IMO

i don’t have it but I here wonders from it: