what is the best yoyo u ever had

what is the best yoyo u ever had
mine is the hectic

Use correct capitals and punctuation please.

Also this is probably considered favorite yo-yo, which is in everybody’s profile and there have been many many topics like this one.

But, to answer, the YYF Severe.

G5, but I might get a marmot or bassalope!:slight_smile:


The Energy By Barco, or A Cold Metal Nano Blaster Raw Edition

C13 all the way!


Speed Maker by far. Take the caps off and put some silicone in that thing and you have a beast in your hands. Awfully light, just the way I want it.

dna or 888 clasic (u cant beat the classics)

5Star :stuck_out_tongue:

888 but im getting a bassalope next week :slight_smile: i cant wait

i have an 888x and a G5 but what takes the cake is easily my new recrev"i"

YYF lunatic… (awsome!)

2007 888 or galactic goose

Most likely Speed Maker with the Peak close by.

My Ducan Imperial

either my G5 or my modded FHZ :stuck_out_tongue:

Great minds… Great minds

I must chose 2

For looping the Custom AXLerator

For 1a Turbo Bumblebee GT

Indeed. We don’t need Fancy Metals. :stuck_out_tongue: