best yoyo

witch one is better and why ;D

it is unfair to have the meteor and speeder there bc the meteor is an all metal speeder only more stable and the dark magic is nothing compared to an axiom, so in my opinion its either the 888 or the axiom although im leaning toward the axiom bc it suits me better

I voted for them all, it’s preference. No Yoyo is better than the other

would u recermend getting a 888 ???

You need to give us some more information.

What yo-yos do you currently have?
What do you like about those yo-yos (shape, response, etc.)?
What is your price range?

Well, a step from a Speeder to 888 is fairly big… but how long have you yoed? What Responce?
Shape? Price? Feel? What do you use it most for (grinds, looping, 4a, string tricks)?


Well, it isnt that big a step. I went from a Dm to a G5…in about 4 months!

well im a avanced yoyo player i do whiping tricks alot ;D i like unresponsev play i never used hubstakes but they look fun to use i use yyj speeder

i yoed for 8 months now i think

Probably Axiom or 888, if i were you, go with 888, Hubs are fun, and it’s a great for whips, really smooth for string tricks and grinding.

thats not too big of a step i went from a velocity to a 888 in 1 month and I like it alot

kk ill get 888 i like how it looks more then aixom and also is a dm good for a intermeidit\beginer my freind wants one

Yea, 888 can be used inter/expert, unless he want something unresponsive.


oops fixed

ty for fixing it also hes a beginer/intermediet im tryin to get him to buy kickside but hes like i wannnnntttttttt DARK MAGIC

If he wont listen to you, why dont you just not order for him?

hes ordering and if he dose get it ill tech him how to bind

The DM is responsive out of the box