which do u recommend? 888x or Speeder?

so just a bit of background info

been yoyoing for about 7 months
moderately good(im in the first parts of the expert level tricks according to yoyoexpert’s trick list)

i have gotten to the point where now im making tricks look better and starting to make decent combos but my current(dark magic) yoyo seems to be quite slow. it works fine for single tricks but i think its too responsive for doing tricks sped up cause the yoyo just stops spinning mid trick. im pretty sure that it’s not me cause i can do it on my legacy(which uses silicone instead of having an O-ring on one side)

also, i plan on getting into counterweight tricks so i hope to just use the yoyo i choose for counterweight as well. that being said, what would be the pro’s and con’s of the 888x and the Speeder?

if you silicone recess half the dark magic and loosen the gap it will be less responsive. and as far as the 888x goes it is an excellent fastplayin, smooth yoyo. its small but is a really nice weight would recomend 100%

Um, it could just be me… but I think the 888x and the Speeder are considerably different. Making it hard to compare pros and cons.

One is All Metal w/ Hubstacks. The other is a Plastic Body with Metal Rims without Hubstacks. One has a Center Trac bearing, the other does not. One is with a K-Pad Response, the other with a Hybrid. Not to mention the huge price differance. All of which boil down to preference.

My preference would probably fall on the 888x, if price was no object. But if given the choice between customizing your DM a bit or purchasing the Speeder, I would customize your DM.

Personally I don’t like adjustable gaps anyway. So I would pop some YYJ shims in the DM, this alone could help considerably. You could change out the response from an O-Ring to the Silicone response. And if you haven’t done so completely clean your bearing lightly thin lube it.

Otherwise, I’d say step up to the 888x. The Speeder is just too similar to the DM to consider a new purchase.

get the 888x. it spins way longer and also the speeder makes a horrible screeching noise.

neither of them have a center-trak bearing…

I say it all goes down to preference.
For price :

  • 40$ : Speeder
  • 100$ : 888x

For size :

  • Full-sized : Speeder
  • Undersized : 888x

For material :

  • Plastic /w Metal rims : Speeder
  • All metal : 888x

For response :

  • O-ring / Starburst : Speeder
  • Silicone pads / Flowable silicone : 888x

I’ve got a Speeder and an '09 888, and honestly I play more with my 888 'cause I find my Speeder too grippy even with the gap untightened to the max and replaced the o-ring with silicone.
I also find the 888 quiter than the Speeder because the 999 doesn’t have the starburst.

My mistake… I was looking at a pic of a 888x and it looked like it had a Center Trac.

Well, a speeder wouldn’t help as much as an 888x would. Plus the 888x just plays better in terms of sleep time, grinding, smoothness (witch, is a preference I’ll admit),
stability, and doesn’t slow down as fast when doing string tricks.

PS. please nobody beat on me for giving my opionion!

whats a 999 is that the next 888 lol


You should go for the 888x even though I haven’t played with the speeder I can tell it wont be as good as the 888x. :wink:

Ya, I’ve played both and the 888x was much better in every aspect for me, (some people might like the the speeder’s shape and weight more than the 888x’s) in terms of play (sleep time, stability, grinds, smoothness etc.) the 888x is a lot better.

Wrong section! But I wouldn’t start out on 5A with an 888x because I’d be very afraid of dropping it or smacking it with the counterweight. But hey, it’s your choice!

888x is so smooth, my DM doesnt come close to it but thats just my preference. the DM plays better than a speeder to ME so i would go with the 888x :slight_smile:

but for 5a use your DM

same here bud :slight_smile:

so the reservations about using an 888 for 5a is just for the sake of not dinging it up? i planned on using my dark magic for the 5a stuff anyways but i am just curious if there is a size/response that is more ideal for 5a compared to 1a

888x, there is no question here it plays better, it’s smoother, better response, and just all around awesome.

well, smaller is usually easier to catch than a bigger yoyo.

Your going to have a much easier time with an 888x. I recommend getting one. Speeder’s are just meant to play fast. They can’t really take long combos and pop up and hit your hand if your doing a complicated one. But get one if you want. In my preferences, the 888x. :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D

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