DM or Speeder?


Hey! I was wondering which one I should buy. Haha, yes I know I am doing a lot of comparison topics. In my last one, everyone told me I should either buy a DM instead of a New Breed, or they told me to stick with my Speedmaker. So, I’ve narrowed it down to DM and Speeder. I kind of like the Speeder now better, because I like Hiroyuki Suzuki. I like his quick style, all of that. So, which one? ???

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I have a Speeder and the Speed Maker. I like the Speed Maker more. It plays smoother and it’s glides unlike the Speeder where it shoots. Also, the Speeder has been known to vibe and my Speeder reflects that.

I would stick to your Speed Maker. It can get you through everything. Also, if you like speed, the Speeder is good. But it has vibe problems and doesn’t play as well as the Speed Maker IMO.

It’s the player not the yoyo.


Well, a quick style can be donw with any yoyo. I really like JD, but I only have a Hitman. You don’t exactly have to buy the yoyo of your favorite player. You can buy what is best. Preference, what is it? Speeder is narrower, and has a slim feel. Dark Magic is good, and can sleep very long. I know how you feel, just can’t decide, huh? Dark Magic, thats my vote. :slight_smile:

(Oh, and the Speeders are prone to cracking!)


DM with shims, no questions. Its smoother, less viby, more stable, wider, better grinds, better gyro flops. Now people are gonna argue with what i say, but this is all from my experience with both yoyos. Imo, the speeder downright sucks, but its brothers, the Speedmaker and Meteor are the best yoyos in the world.

If you don’t believe me, it goes down to shape preference.

*Pictures not to scale

Same response. You can see that the speeder is much more narrow, and pointy shaped, so its worse for grinding. I just hate the speeder. Follow your heart, and fulfill your destiny young warrior! :slight_smile:


I won’t argue with what you say. :slight_smile: You actually made a good point there.

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If you like Hiroyuki Suzuki and his style, the Speeder is actually his signature yo-yo. I personally like a DM more. As you get more advanced though, the DM is probably going to be what you’re looking for. I have played a Speeder, I personally hated it. But that’s just me.


Speeder is faster and harder while DM is smoother and slower.

Adjustable gap in speeder gives a little bit more control but thats not significant imo.

Throws and feelings are totally different though. Speeder feels much more solid on hand and DM on string. Seems there is a small vibe in speeders (including mine).

My preference (for both): clean and thin lube the bearing, sand the starbust, replace the o-ring with a shaved silicon one and squeeze the adjustable gap.

Now playing with a DV888 and L3; missing the DM and not the Speeder :slight_smile:

Happy throwing.


Not trying to argue here, just stating my opinions.

Both have adjustable gaps. I recommend getting shims, so that you can keep a selected gap. Adjustable gaps can go evil on you, and unscrew while playing. Shims are safer.

IMO, speeder feels terribly hollow and light, thats what makes it so fast. DM feels solid all the time. Speeders have terrible vibe from what i’ve seen and experienced.

Don’t sand the starburst unless you really know what you’re doing. You CANNOT reverse what you do to the starburst, so I really don’t recommend doing that.


All YYJ’s have Ajustable Gaps. :slight_smile:


Legacys, Meteors, Axioms and New Breeds don’t, the bearing seat is too shallow. Meteor’s and Legacy’s bearing seats are so shallow, that if you attempt to adjust it a small bit, the thing will unscrew while playing. I’m sure the same goes for Axioms and new breeds.

Ofcourse, you could put some locktite on them, and that would solve the problem, but the meteor and axiom’s axles are pretty small.

(Speaking from experience with my meteor, and i tried adjusting a legacy. Really, it doesn’t work.)


Oh, for some, I meant take-apart. eight8eight does too.


I would go with the Dark Magic. It is andre’s signature series. He is the one in all the videos on So that already shosws taht you can do all string tricks and5A. I am currently using a hybrid hitman and the difference is not to much apart in wieght and width from the hitman. here is the difference in size and wieght.
;D Dark Magic: Diameter :2.21 inches
Width: 1.63 inches
Response :Hybrid
Weight :70 grams
:-[ Speeder:Diameter :2.17 inches
Width :1.48 inches
Response :Hybrid
Weight :65 grams
there is not much difference here either but I would still go with the DM.also make sure you watch both videos. Here are the links and . I hope this will help you choose a yoyo. But remember both are good. It is the player not the yoyo :P(most of the time)!!!Have fun with the new yoyo you get. :smiley:


The DM plays AWESOME! ;D

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I’ve only heard bad things about the Speeder and good things about the DM. :stuck_out_tongue:
I have tried the DM and it is AMAZING.
I have not tried the Speeder yet.

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When my speeder first came, it was extremely viby.
After I dinged my speeder, surprisingly, it plays extremely smoothly and has absolutely NO vibe at all! :smiley: So I would still recommend the speeder if you are looking for speed.
All in all, the speeder is the BEST yoyo that you
MUST absolutely get if you are looking for both speed and long spin times.


I go for Dark Magic.
Cause i always hear & read bout “Speeder Cracks”

(Cinimod105) #17

No, my speeder has absolutely no cracks.


You had it for like a month :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, my DM has a crack too. It has tons of dings though, i beat it up alot.

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Thats a hard question. I like both of them but if I had to pick one
I’d say the DM.

keep spinning



speeder no questions