Dark Magic 2, SR-71, or Speeder 2?

I am an intermediate player and I want a yoyo that is fast spinning and cheaper (under $70) and that is good with string tricks. I can do binds, however, I am not the greatest. Which is better for me: the DM2, the SR-71 or the Speeder 2?

get the speeder 2 the dark magics bearing eventually becomes responsive haha plus hiroyuki suzuki is better than Andre Boulay …

you are the only person besides me i know that calls the dark magic 2 The DM2.

This could have been edited into your first post. Also, many people still call it the DM2

All yoyojams ship with (essentially) the same kind of bearing. Also, the skill of the player who helped design the yoyo is completely irrelevant.

If you like full sized yoyos, go with the DM2. The speeder is a little smaller.

Both of the yoyos are very good players. Both will last you a very, very long time. You can’t go wrong with either.

QFF. They both come with the slim bearing and YYJ SPEED bearing. What do you mean that it goes responsive? Any bearing can stay unresponsive for years. Ten years. It’s the way you treat them. Your DM2 SPEED bearing may have be un-properly treated. There is not difference in both bearings whatsoever. It is just a matter of coincedence in your case.

@ OP: Both are great , Bi-Metal. I feel that the DM2 is a bulky/ I do not have the Speeder, so I can not compare the 2, but you can try out the Speeder, it would be a new experience to try out a new yoyo, but in play, they do the same tricks just like any other yoyo. Heard Speeder2 was great.

If you like a fast yoyo I think the speeder 2 will serve you well. DM2 feels a bit heavy

Actually I own a Phenomizm and the bearing is actually a konkave bearing so there is a bearing difference and because thats the only one I own of the ones listed, that is my preference ;D

When in the Holy heck did I ever mention “Phenomizm” in my post? DM2 amd Speeder2 both DO come with a SPEED bearing. As to Phenomizm and other’s are different.

Oh and since when did that matter? How would you know that Hiroyuki is “better”? That is quite a dirty mean comment right there. A good player does not always mean that he/she makes a good yoyo. A bad player does not always mean that he/she makes a bad yoyo.

for sk8likeaman

I have played every YYJ Bi Metal except the Speeder 2. And from my friend that just got it said its great.

My Personal opinion is the DM2 is a little bulky. Way better than the Original. But feels bulky to me. I think it has something to do with the Shape. Id choose the Speeder 2 only for that reason.

Phenomizm as mentioned is freaking awesome. and was my favorite until recently. Just got a SR-71 in a trade for my DM2 coincidentally. And I actually like it more than my Phenomizm. May want to give that a look into. been playing the SR-71 nonstop for the entire weekend and my opinion hasnt changed.

Oh I see what you mean… don’t know where my mind was sorry :wink:

i bought the speeder2.