Which one should i buy ?


Hi, recently I just starting to learn advanced tricks and 1 thing that bugs me is that my yoyo doesn’t spin long enough. I’m using a really low-priced China’s Auldey Illusion (only RM14 (malaysia currency) ) and it can’t cope with those complicated string tricks ! (had a hard time learning some of them :frowning: )

so i’d gone through the internet and im looking for a good budget yoyo which could fit in advanced level tricks. So i’d chosen YYJ Chaser, YYF Northstar, Dark Magic 2, Revolution, Velocity and a WHiP as well as Protostar. Which one is better ? Or is there any other choices ? My budget must be lower than Dark Magic’s price or equivalent to it.


The Velocity and Whip aren’t going to be a huge improvement since they’re both pretty much designed as entry level throws. Of the lot, I’d go with the YYF Northstar/Protostar (only real difference is that the Northstar is heavier). Comfortable shape, spin plenty long and come with centre trac bearings.

My other two suggestions for that price range would be the YYJ Trigger ($26), the YYJ Classic ($10, $15-$20 after you swap the bearing and change the pads), the Duncan Raptor (about $40), and the God Tricks Destiny ($43 but I’d try before you buy because it’s not the most comfortable shape in the world).



I have a legacy 2 that’s really good I love it I can grind with it because of how smooth it is that and it has a pretty good sleep time as well as that I am at expert part 2 with it and I’m doing fine and did I mention it’s a really smooth plastic?


how about the Chaser and DM2 ? Any reasons why u don’t choose them ? And I would like to ask how is the Speeder 2’s performance ?


Chaser .


One thing I’d recommend is to clean your bearing out. Hopefully you have access to lighter fluid, acetone(pure, not nail removing stuff) or mineral spirits/paint thinner. Your bearing may have too much lube. Another option might be to change your bearing. That might give you want you’re after. Then again, maybe you need to also lube your bearing a bit as well.

As you may know, there usually isn’t a better. I would recommend avoiding the Revolution and Velocity, they just aren’t going to give you want you’re after. The Whip, while light, will get you through those tricks, on a budget. If you’re going to go with the Whip, go with the YYF Champions version, it has a CenterTrac in it. It’s like “here’s a really good bearing and we’ll throw in the yoyo for free”.

Outside of that, here’s what I’d say:

The DM2 I really enjoy, it will get you through anything. To this day, it’s still one of my main players. The Northstar and Protostar are also great. The Protostar is lighter and faster than the Northstar, and both share the same shape, so you’re really choosing “fast and light or heavier and slower”. Both are great and I have these both. The Chaser is very heavy ay 73.8 grams, but plays light on the string and fast through the air.

Other stuff to consider:
YYJ’s Trigger is a fantastic player and should not be overlooked.
The Legacy II is really good too. If you’re going to be looking at plastics, don’t overlook this one either.

The Lyn Fury is great, but you’ll want to silicone it and clean the bearing for best performance.
Don’t ignore the YYJ Classic, but you do want to get a full SPEC bearing and either silicone it or buy YYJ pads for it for best performance. A YYJ Speed bearing works just fine. The Adegle PSG, PSG Gem or Asteroid are also stuff to be stringly considered.

If you want full metal, the best one I’d recommend is the Duncan Raptor. Boring shape, amazing performance. The Token is too small, and the dv888 kind of left me not really feeling satisfied but it’s still great. God Tricks is a brand to consider. I’ve got a Destiny and I like it, and I have a Bounty Hunter and a Cyclone coming to me.

After that, I kinda have to jump up to around $50. Since that’s over budget, I’ll skip those.

Another one to consider would be Magic YoYo, namely the T5, which you can get for probably under $15 shipped. Wow. Yes, serious!

The Speeder 2 is fantastic. I popped a KK in there. Wow. Yeah, WOW! I’m a big fan of Mickey’s signature throws, and this is fantastic.


Haven’t played a Chaser so I can’t comment on that. I do own a DM2 (well, actually Rakleon now owns it) and it’s a fantastic throw. If you like the looks of it, then by all means, go for it. It is capable of taking you all the way. I just prefer the Northstar/Protostar because they come stock with centre trac bearings and to me they feel a bit quicker through the air.

The Speeder 2 plays like a little speed demon. It is crazy fast and surprisingly stable. I find it a bit less comfortable than most throws because it is a bit thinner but it’s far from being uncomfortable. The only thing about it that really bugs me are the mirror caps. They look kind of naff (especially the new logo) and make this irritating humming noise unless you’ve got every last bit of vibe tuned out.



Thanks you Yuki :)) .
Oh and Zafuri , i’ll let you know when the DM2 arrived , but one thing is for sure is that the DM2 is a stunningly well design for Beginner, Intermidiate , Advance and above . It’s a yoyo i’m definetely recommended , or should you get a Celestial Ampoule or a Super Fly if you have enough money in your pockets .

All the yoyo above are highly recommended for Intermidiate to above :wink: . Good Luck !


I really like the DM2. It is also the only one I have on your list. But for a smaller price, the trigger is a great throw. It plays great and has a good spin time. It was kinda small by my expectations, but I still love it.


WOW ! Thx guys ^^

Anyway, what I’m looking for is something that comes slow yet stable so that I can pick-up my skills smoothly and afterward I’ll switch to speed demon style.

So, my final decision lies between DM2, North, Destiny.

North is better perhaps ? Heavy, stable, comfortable handling.

Or a DM2 ? Destiny has a 50% offer at my local’s store recently but I’m afraid I won’t get the best of it.


The Destiny plays a bit quicker than the other two. Tough to split the Northstar and DM2. Really comes down to shape and perhaps brand preference.



Got all of those “final choices”.

I still pick the DM2.


I have to say: I bought a Whip last month out of pure curiosity. As an advanced player, I found it to be an absolute BLAST!!! The fun/price ratio of this throw is Excellent! I recommend it for anyone. It’s great to have a decently performing, unresponsive beater to “whip” around whenever you want to give your prized yo(s) a rest.