I want a new yoyo

Right now I am using a Yomega Hotshot and Xodus II but I want something better but is still affordable one of the yoyos I was looking at was the Dark Magic II, is that one any good or is there something else I should get?

Yes, the DM II is a great player.

Is it good for string tricks?

Uh, yeah.

The DM2 is my favorite yoyo. It is designed with 1A style of play in mind, which means it’s meant for string tricks. The slim bearing means it’s great for new players to learn and start with, then pop in the included Speed bearing(full width C-sized bearing), it’s ready for unresponsive modern play.

The yoyo also works well for 3A(2 string trick yoyos) and 5A(string attached to a counterweight) styles. It’s durable, very well balanced and very flexible.

I would recommend get a Dark Magic II as well. It will be an upgrade from what you have now and can do any and all advanced 1A and 5A tricks you can throw at it. Have fun and keep throwing.

Or you can check out the Protostar. The yoyo’s too popular to be ignored. I suggest you take this in mind too! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I bought a Protostar and I’m very pleased with it. But, I like the Northstar better. But, I like the DM2 even better. In my opinion, I feel it’s overall a better yoyo.

The strength of the DM2 is that it is one of those yoyos that can take you “from zero to hero” if you let it. The Protostar and Northstar require the ability to bind, but the after that are very good. All three are competition quality, meaning you CAN compete with them, just people aren’t as the trend is full metal. But at this point, following competition trends is meaningless. All are amazing for their prices. I mean, to get metal-type performance out of a $35 Protostar or Northstar that are made of plastic? Serious.

So, again, the only drawback for beginners or relatively new players for the Protostar is you have to know how to bind. If you got that down, yeah, go for it. As far as the recommendation between the Protostar and Northstar, the Protostar seems to have better reception as it’s a little lighter than the Northstar. But even so, I find I like my DM2 best of those three.

There’s also plenty of other good choices, some even cheaper. The YYJ Chaser is really good and is less thank $30. The Duncan Raptor seems to be getting good reviews, but I don’t have one currently. The Raptor is on my wants list but not on my “want to have it soon” list. My budget recommendation of the YYJ Legacy II, which gives you almost the performance of the DM2 at nearly have the price, swappable bearings, good shape, weight and size AND is oriented towards beginners and can grow with them. It’s full plastic, but full of fun. I have one. One of my kids got a Legacy II. I had to get my own to stop playing with hers.

But, again since the OP is new and is using kinda OK yoyos, the DM2 and Legacy II are the more ideal choices. Over-sized is easy to work with. The changeable bearing means it goes from tug responsive to unresponsive means it grows with the player without additional costs. The metal rims on the DM2 puts weight out towards the edge of the rims, but reduces costs because the body is plastic. This is in constrast of a full metal yoyo. The Legacy does almost all of this but in an all plastic option and is a little lighter but uses a hidden weight ring(a heavy washer) at the outside of the rims.

Keep in mind people tend to get many yoyos. I am sort of a hybrid of player and collector, as many of us are. I collect them to PLAY them, have variety and hence different playing experiences. You(the original poster) will go through many yoyos looking for what’s right. What’s more important right now is to pick something DECENT and stick with it for a while and learn some fundamentals. But, if budget is an issue, that needs to be taken into consideration. There’s TONS of amazing stuff out there for all skill levels. Once you get some fundamentals down, you’ll start developing preferences and understanding what works for you. That will be key later on.

Thank you all I decided to get the DM II. By all of your responses I was not hesitant to purchase it and looking forward to using it.

YYJ Legacy just as good as the DM2 but half the price

maybe I’ll get that next time I ordered the DM II and Im getting it in the mail tomorrow.

Half the price? Nearly.

As good? I have both. my answer is no, not really. It’s good, really good, but it’s not just as good. It’s not far off though.

Of course, the standard “preferences” disclaimer applies.

check out yoyoloco for the deal on northstar right now…great folks

The dm ii throws a little better but not that much $$$$$$ better