new yoyo

I’ve been looking for a new 1a yoyo. I am a more of an advanced player.
Here are some yoyo’s I’ve been looking at;
Dark Magic 2

If you have any suggestions for me please reply. :slight_smile:

Every single non looping yoyo for sale on this website in that range is capable of doing every trick listed in the learn section on this website.
You might want to explain what size/shape yoyo you like, as well as style of yoyoing you plan to do. Maybe a short list of yoyos you are thinking about.

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I’ve done Spirit Bomb on an Unleashed

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Go for the dark magic 2, I just got one and wish I had gotten it a Long time ago. Best “bang for your buck” out of that list.

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The Dark Magic 2 is a very outdated design, and doesn’t hold up in the “bang for your buck” value as much as it used to. If I had to choose from that list (at least the inexpensive), I’d say Protostar. If you’re willing to spend the extra ten bucks above the Protostar I’d say get the Shutter. That is probably the best bang for your buck yoyo out right now.

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I played other yoyo’s before I got my DM II. When I got my DM II my play improved tremendously.

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Out of those the genesis is the best


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I already have a shutter so I’ll go for either the protostar or the DM 2

thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

the rally is better than the protostar, and dm2 IMO. it might just be my opinion but you could prolly ask anyone who has tried all three. also the level 6 by C3

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I’d say they play different and not one is better than the other

I’d personally pick between:
Something Addiction
OD Rally
Level 6

All much better than the Dm2 in my opinion

get one of these yoyos
OD benchmark(whatever shape you like
yoyoofficer brave
or a yeti

YoyoOfficer Hatchet.

Is the hatchet your favorite YYO? You seem to always recommend it!

It is an amazing yoyo. It is also half of what others cost. Unless you are moving to the multi-material world; there is no need to spend more than a Hatchet.

Try one out.

Just saying if you already have a shutter, a protostar or a DM2 isn’t gonna be better. The DM2 is outdated , and the protostar just isn’t wowing as for performance. But I would recommend the werrd minute. It has matador spikes, a great blasted finish and it’s only $50. That’s bang for your buck.