WHAT SHOULD I BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I am in advanced tricks and right now I am using a Duncan Dragon Fly. So I decided to buy a yoyo. But I CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHICH ONE TO BUY >:(
I am trying to decide between
YYJ Atmosphere
YYJ Dark Magic.


Hands down dark magic 2. Its smoother sleeps better and looks better. It is a great size and wont dissapoint.

i thought the same, but with the atmosphere. it is a little more advanced

The Atmosphere Hands down beats my friend’s Dark Magic. It’s a VERY stable and fast yoyo, but requires more control due to the both undersized and slightly thinner profile.

If you really want clean smooth yoyo play, I would get a ProtoStar. Its definitely worh it, if you know how to properly bind an unresponsive yoyo. :wink:
But if you really wanna choose between those 2 yoyos you listed, I would reccomend the DM2. They are really smooth and just play great all around. :wink:
(Also you might wanna concider the HitMan Pro)

i’d go with protostar or northstar cause they’re a bit better (not trying to be ofensive)
but if you have to buy either one, i would be going on atmoshper cause it’s a bit more advanced.

also pay a few bucks more and get a all metal yoyo!! why not!! like the raptor, dv888, shinwoo zen 5 of ourse!! they’re metal. least vibe and so smooth forstring tricks.

Gotta love that YYF right Cody :wink:

I’d say get a hitman pro definitely smoother than my dm2

you can buy DV888 or protostar, it is a good yoyo

Protostar is indeed good, at first. Bad things happen later though.

I recommend the Hitman Pro. It’ll last you longer.


Alright looks like ii have got my answer.
Now i have another question what string should i get?

50 50(poly & cotton)

100% poly

5050 is cool cause it’s sturdy, and has polyester to make it slick. but 100 polester is just gonna go…over, but poly is great though

GEt some of each and decide what you like.