need new YOYO.... Dark Magic???

hi, im faily new to yoyoing. i used to a few years ago when i was a kid. im 22 now, and bought a Yomega Raider the other day. ive got all the basics back, im working on my braintwisters and my Trapeze tricks again. Trapeze is very difficult with an Imperial yoyo.

ive been watching all the videos with Andre Boulay and really like the guys yoyo. Ive been thinking about getting a Dark Magic.

i want to do lots of string tricks, my Raider doesnt allow me to do those. ive also heard that the proto star is very good… which is better. or is there a better one in the 40-50 $ price range?

thanks for any help

Get some thick lube when learning how to bind though. Also get thin lube for when you can bind.

i was also looking at the Ex-Con yoyo and that one seems to be pretty sweet too, any experience with that one in particular?

Or if you want a metal yoyo you could get the Foxtail.
But the Protostar is the best value for your money.

protostar all the way

if you are a begginer i would not recommend a protostar because it is dead unresponsive
if you really want it buy some thick lube too
almost any yoyojam is good i would say
a yoyojam plastic (like kickside, speed maker, journy) is good
i you are willing to spend money on a plastic/metal then the dark magic, speeder, hit man, x-convict,ect then choose the on that looks best
also if you are getting a plastic/metal then i seggest some thick lube to
and just to let you know the new breed and atmosphere are unresponsive too

The dark magic is a good yoyo. I like the size/shape/ and play, but the hybrid response is not for me. That was the only thing that turned me off and so I traded it. Now all the metal rimmed YYJs that I have tried have been smooth and played extremely well. Out of the ones I played,(Hitman,Mini Motu,DM,New Breed,Speeder), the DM and speeder have the hybrid response and I didn’t like that. The others were very nice. I don’t think you can go wrong with the x-convict either. The protostar has had a lot of great reviews and such but I haven’t tried one.

Lyn Fury… really good begginner yoyo responsive and it binds well… great stepping stone to other yoyos

srsly, get a lyn furry or a different beginner yyj plastic. those are what i think beginners should start with. people who start out with unresponsive metals usually are never very smooth in their tricks and it is always fun to go back to a responsive to cool off

what is the difference between the Unresponsive and Hybrid Unresponsive? cause people who use the Dark Magic in videos seem to have no issues with it in comparison to other yoyo’s

ive basically narrowed it down to Dark Magic and Ex-Con. what are the pros and cons of each?

the ProtoStar looks unappealing to me and it doesnt have metal for grinding

The main differences of those are the size,shape,and response. The response on the DM is a hybrid response, meaning that one half of the yoyo has an oring and the other half has raised plastic rays. (look at the pictures on YYE) The X-convict has double oring response meaning that both sides of the yoyo use an oring to bring the yoyo back up. One is not really better than the other and it is really up to what you think feels better to you. However, a lot of people prefer the double oring response because generally it is quiter and can be smoother. Also later on you can silicone both halves for a different more advaced response. So I would say get the X-convict, but if the DM looks a lot better to you then get it. You can’t really go wrong.

one other question… which response system is better for my first Unresponsive yoyo?

i dont fully understand the difference in feel as i have never used either of them.

is the Hybrid harder to get back up to your hand? or easier?

Hybrid will be easier to get back to your hand and will bind tighter.

i like the x-convict over the dm due to its shape and the kickside is great if u want a plastic. the kickside would be the best plastic yoyojam yoyo in my opinion

does the hybrid response ever give anyone issues??? or is it better than the normal response

Hybrid response can be annoying until it wears in, but all response systems have quirks. The hybrid response is helpful while you learn to bind better for complete unresponsive play. So the dark magic isn’t a bad first serious throw. It’ll grow with you.

I skipped it and went from speedmaker (hybrid) to protostar (recessed silicon and super unresponsive). The protostar was not a good idea. Even with thick lube in it, it was super unresponsive till the pads wore in. I couldn’t get the damn thing to wind up. No fun when you’re learning.

Don’t get a protostar for learning unless you’re getting thick lube, thick strings, and possibly sticking in your own silicon or extra grip for the response (which makes it more expensive than other yoyos that are better to learn on to start with).

Most of the yoyojam yoyos start out slightly responsive and can be made unresponsive as you get more adept. I’m sure the dark magic would be a fine choice (and the starburst zipper sound is a good cue for when you’ve got string friction or a bind is taking). If you’re afraid you’ll hate the starburst-oring style, go for a double oring. Oring yoyos give you more options for tweaking response down the track. A more important feature of the yoyojams for learners is their adjustable gap means you can tune the response easily (without performing serious engineering.)

If you don’t think you’ll hate the starburst response, try a yoyofactory velocity or speed dial. Completely different approach but the same idea - easy to change between responsive and unresponsive.

Any of those mentioned in the chats above will get you over the hurdle, and by the time you’ve mastered it and want to get your next yoyo, you’ll know more what you like. :slight_smile: Your first yoyo is like your first car… you’ll love it no matter what.

thanks alot for the help, i think ill go with the DM to start with then move to something at a later time.

id say protostar

Good choice!


But if your a beginner… Try Yoyojam- Speedmaker… Its cool!