New unresponsive yoyo

I need one for Beginners
I do not really have a Budget Because I live in Israel
But by the site’s Prices It’s around the 40$-45$

yyj Atmosphere plays really unresponsive. what do you like in a yoyo? lol

Here comes the “beginner” Part
I dont know what I like
I need a strong and stable one
a yoyo for a long time So not a plastic yoyo
end i need it to be Heavy

  • i want a cool looking One (I mean it wnot hurt)

dark magic and change the o-ring to a silcone ring ;D

DM is a plastic.

I think you should get a dingo if you want unresponsive and metal. But it’s not all that heavy, (63 grams) but that is in my opinion the best yoyo in that price range.

If you’re a beginner, why are you looking for a metal and unresponsive? Plastics can be unresponsive as well as sleep for a long time. They’re also cheaper.

Well I need one that will last 4-6 months
is the plastic good Enough?
(Hope My spelling / grammar is ok)

Plastic yo-yos will last just as long as a metal yo-yo with a few exceptions.

so wat yoyo will u recommend?
up to 45 $

Look at a Protostar. Or an Atmosphere. They are really heavy. and mad for long spin times and very stable.

he is a begginer so i think a speed dial will be good

  • metal
  • responsive and unresponsive

DV 888 perhaps

I’d definitely look at a Protostar. You get a lot of bang for your buck that way. It’s very durable, the response is fairly long lasting (though I would get at least 2 sets of replacement pads for that time period), and it can handle anything. A YYJ Legacy or bimetal would be good as well.

Beginners are capable of learning on an unresponsive yoyo. Considering his location and the difficulty of ordering, it may make the most sense to do exactly what he’s planning.

I learned on a DV888 then bought an Atmosphere DV888 is really good for learning becuase its really stable, even more so then the atmosphere. it took me like a day to get decent at binding

But the dv888 costs 65 I asked for a 45 yoyo
is the Dark-Magic a good yoyo
im in advanced part 2 in the learning

For a beginner looking for an unresponsive throw and has a fair amount of sleep time, get the DM. It is good for all the tricks that Andre has on this site. It snags a little bit to much for me and I hate the Starburst. Also it isn’t very good for combos though. That’s why I don’t like it. But I think it it great for Beginner to Intermediate players.

The Dark Magic is great and can handle anything you throw at it. I’m not sure how it wouldn’t be good at combos…And it doesn’t really snag more than anything else…Oh well.

You said you were an absolute beginner. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s cool though. Have you learned to bind yet?

yes i know how to bind
Do you think I should go for the dark magic
Or perhaps another yoyo

If it looks good to you, then go for it. The Dark Magic isn’t better than any of the other choices, and neither are they better than the Dark Magic. All are great choices, just different. So just take a look at them and flip a coin or whatever if you need to. Good luck with your choice!

is the yyj Black Knight As good as Dark Magic Because I can buy it in $ 30
Should I go fo it?