New unresponsive yoyo

If it fits your preferences, yes. I don’t really care if the cost is more or less. Just the right yoyo that fits my preferences. Remember: PREFERENCES!!!

so Should I go fo it?

If it matches your preferences yes, if it looks like it’s not for you, no. I would really start out with a Dark Magic though.

I think I will try both of them and picks what’s convenient for me

The Black Knight is about the same price as the DM and Protostar. Really any metal-rimmed yoyojam yo-yo will work, but I would recommend the Dark Magic if you want a metal-rimmed. My reasoning is kinda dumb, but I recommend getting it because you KNOW that it will work for all the tricks on this site since it is the yo-yo that Ándre uses in all of his 1a and 5a tutorials. So you know it will work for all of the tricks you learn. Also, the DM can play responsive as well as unresponsive. You can tighten it all the way and double-wrap the axle to make it responsive, and then when you feel you’re definitely ready for unresponsive play, you can play it unresponsive.
The Protostar is also a great choice, however it will not play responsive as easily. The New Breed is very heavy, which you said you wanted, so that would be another great choice.

So really just think about what you really want in a yo-yo, think about the shape of it and if you think you will like the shape (i.e. it will fit in your hand well). In my personal experience, the starburst response on the DM can cause it to snag more often than other yo-yos and vibes more. But that is my opinion and personal experience, it might not happen to everybody.

My personal recommendation is the New Breed since it is heavy, unresponsive, and will definitely have long spin times. I recommend definitely buying extra YYJ silicone stickers (ask Ándre when they will restock on them).

So here’s what I personally recommend getting.

YYJ New Breed:
2 or 3 YYJ Silicone Sets (in case your response falls out): (when YYE restocks them)
1 or 2 extra YYJ Large Bearing (In case something gets stuck in your bearing or your bearing dies):
YYJ thin lube (If your bearing needs lubing):

Those are the things I recommend. If you don’t want the new breed that’s fine, but definitely get the accessories I recommended. The silicone will fit the DM and is preferred by many people over the O-Ring. The bearings will fit most YYJ yo-yos, and the thin lube works on any bearing.

get the legacy. It is cheap, good, lasts long, heavy, and unresponsive. and i have several metals and i still like to use it a lot.

i would recomened the legacy or new breed. they are both dead responsive and great for grinds. good yoyos. legacy has a more flared shape and the new breed a more rounded one. i own both of them and the new breed was my first unresponsive

If you are getting a New Breed I would get a spare response system like Jesse said. The Yoyojam Silicone stickers are discontinued but K-Pads will work. E-Mail Yoyoexpert to see which one would fit.

I wouldn’t get the new breed if you want something heavy, it is pretty floaty. Get the legacy or if you want some metal in it, i heard the atmosphere is a good, heavy player.