Hey guys thanks for the feedback :smiley: Greatly aprreciated. If theres a yoyo you would recommend to a guy at ~intermediate level please comment :smiley: I’m at around Expert 1 in yoyo expert unresponsive yoyos

Responsive or unresponsive??

I play unresponsive

A good plastic yoyo would be the protostar, skyva, big dipper, yeti 2, or replay pro. metal yoyos i would recommend any yoyofactory budget metals since you can’t go wrong with these. all these are not too pricey and it all just depends on your play style. I personally would recommend the yyf horizon. but for your level maybe the protostar if you don’t want to purchase a metal yet plus it’s only $20 in the yye site.

Ok Thanks man I already have a replay pro and i’m really looking into long fingerspins which is something i really want to do

If you want long fingerspins the skyva is a good choice. A metal alternative would be the yyf horizon or the c3yoyodesign M.O.V.E both on the budget side.

I “like” the skyva for general play but mainly use it for messing with finger spins. Although technically bi material, the protostar still completely mops the floor with most plastic yoyos ever made when it comes to performance, and I prefer it to many metal yoyos in that regard. At the current price it is a steal. I literally have a lifetime supply of them tucked away. If you have decided that you can’t live without fingerspinning, I’d go with the MOVE. It’s also a better overall performer than the skyva in my opinion so it’ll serve you well no matter what. If you’re just testing the waters, go with the skyva. Obviously the shutter is immensely popular as well, and for good reason- it’s a great performer, just not the best for fingerspinning

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I would agree with @snarl3k the skyva is the one I’d most recommend out of the list

I don’t know man the 55$ price tag on the move is a little pricey so i think ill stick with the horizon
Thanks anyways

The Skyva is the way to go for fingerspins.