Need a New Yo-Yo, Coming Back to the Activity

Hi all,

I’m getting back into yo-yoing, but my old YYF One just won’t do anymore. It’s pretty busted up. I am very interested in a high quality plastic or metal yo-yo that can get me started and back into the swing of things. Price range is around $40 or under, just as a start. Any help is appreciated!


For responsive, YoYo Factory Replay. For unresponsive Replay Pro or SF PLSTC are highly recommended for plastic. I’m sure others will chime in on a metal, but, the Shutter or Shutter Wide Angle will do anything you throw at them.

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Poking through what’s in stock in the $15-35 range for metal here at YYE, I’d probably recommend the TopYo Blackbird or Yoyofficer Apex. They both seem to be pretty straightforward performance V designs. Haven’t thrown either of them personally but it’s what I would go for.

If you could find it somewhere, I’d also recommend the TopYo Meta. It’s more of an h with chonky rims but imo it’s a great performer. I prefer it over the much-vaunted Silenus personally (though that’s also a great option).

And if you can add $5 I’d also throw a Shutter into consideration. Excellent competition-winning design that’s withstood the test of time since 2013.

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Dude, grab one of these bad boys [unresponsive]. It’s surprisingly powerful and it’s on sale too


There are lots of budget yoyos that permorm really well. IMO the best option is to choose the one that looks better for you. I have some yoyos that are nearmint at a great price in my Bst , in case you are interested:) Some throws FS

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1+ on the ProtoStar. It’s really a great yoyo at any price, and this price is great!

Here’s a pack with a bunch of goodies, and a Spinstar:

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Third vote for protostar!

Fantastic value and probably one of the greatest plastics made. Mine is noisy, but lube can help this a bit.

I’ve always liked the look of the Northstar fingerspins too. Haven’t tried it personally but the Northstar is great and with the fingerspins cup it would be a welcome feature.

This is the correct answer. For $15 there’s no better value than the Protostar.


Protostar rules. I’ve had one since they originally came out and I’m still using it as my daily carry.

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The ProtoStar is an amazing value at only $15. However, removing the bearing to clean or replace it is maddeningly difficult (thanks to its infamous “death grip” spacers). But if that doesn’t worry you, then the ProtoStar is hard to beat.

Another plastic yoyo worth considering–if you are looking to play unresponsive–is the YoyoFriends Dove. I personally steer away from yoyos like the PLSTC and the Wedge because they are just too big and bulky for me. But YMMV there.

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Protostar, Northstar, Replay (Pro), Dove, PLSTC, Antidote, Wedge, and First Base (many dope colorways of these will be releasing soon) are all excellent plastics. There are more, but these are the easiest that come to mind. The Arcade just came out and is a really inexpensive, and from what I understand, a superb metal throw. Definitely can’t go wrong with a shutter variety either.

While I do have limited experience, but given I am also a beginner that came back to yoyo after over a decade away (was still a beginner back then, even more so) maybe my thoughts might be helpful.

I can second @zslane & @Smothers_Tim’s recommendation of Dove.

I have better throws that I do use, but I keep using the Dove a lot.
It does everything that, well almost any yoyo can for that matter, but the Dove does everything that I can do on say a VTWO with minimal handicap.

I see it as a plastic version of a premium yoyo and it really is that good. If I told you it was metal, you would have been happy with it.

Also it is Delrin and not just normal plastic!

If you are looking for a responsive yoyo, I am also loving the ThrowRev Neo, also in Delrin. (Also Neo can be set up to play both responsive and unresponsive, but you need to buy a spare size C bearing for it to play unresponsive)

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Oh! And I almost forgot. Mickey Suzuki has a killer line of plastics. I think the model is specifically called Fragment. But he has them in multiple limited edition runs including Peanuts (snoopy) varieties. My favorite is my 2F@#!ing Rabbits edition. It comes with the ability to run it responsive and unresponsive.