NEW yoyo

I was wanting to experiment with a new yoyo and was wondering what you all would recommend?I was thinking the protostar from yyf but idk would that be a good choice? or would it be bad going from a metal yoyo to a plastic yoyo?


It depends, what metal do you currently have?

and what you want.

The Replay Pro is probably the hottest plastic right now.

Plastics I would look into:

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Currently i have aluminum and idk what i want i want to just try something new… get verity i guess

The protostar and northstar are pretty great, and any modern plastic will play just fine. However when you can get a too hot for 10 dollars more than a protostar, I don’t see what the point of getting one is except for the visual aspect. Also like said above, replay pro is pretty amazing

I lurv my too much hot!

I have the surge, replay pro, and my rec rev. I like the weight of the surge but the design of the replay pro. I’d buy another replay over a surge. But that’s my preference. These guys here will help you make a good choice.

Get rapid light

A couple yoyos you might consider that in my opinion outplay a ProtoStar for less money:

The Replay Pro is a good option, but I’d take a look at upgrading a Classic with a C bearing and some flowable silicone. Upgraded classic just plain rocks.

If you want another aluminum check out the Kilter 2. I have to admit I haven’t played it yet, but I have played the original, and I don’t have a reason to believer the Kilter 2 shouldn’t play just as well or better.

But if you’re looking for a plastic around the ProtoStar price I’d take a long hard look at the Diffusion.

Or if you want to add another Alexander Hamilton to the pot, go with a Too HOT.