Second unresponsive yoyo?


A few days ago I made a mistake and got the ONE yoyo for an unresponsive play.
I tried changing the bearing and the response pads but after all it stayed responsive.

So I need your help to choose a good unresponsive yoyo for 20 buck or less, preferably something I can find on ebay or ali-express.

It would be best if you could recommend 2 yoyos, one made of plastic and one made of metal.

thanks for the helpers! ;D




For plastic I’d say either a skyva or a replay pro. For metal the magic yoyo n12 is really good for the price. If you want something a little nicer the one drop gauntlet is a really fun throw. Hope this helps! :wink:


Ditto on the Magic recommendation.
They’re the best brand for beginners in general.
They’re the only ones I don’t feel guilty playing with in high risk dink environments because you can get a new one for just a few bucks!

(InvaderDust) #5

Plastic - Skyyva, Yeti2, Replay Pro?

Metals - I dont want to recommend MYY, but given the budget of under 20 i see little alternative. I might recommend to put both budgets together and get a nicer metal and skip the plastic. Maybe a Boss, DV888, or even a Shutter.

Its worth the extra few bucks if you ask me.


SkyVa, Replay Pro, N12, or an m00 if you have the money


N12 for metal

Skyva for plastic


The Replay Pro is definitely your best option for $20 or less


Good luck with that one.


thanks for all the replies, I think I’ll go with the N12.