Wath is the best yoyo?

Hi, ;D
I’m a beginner and now a have a wooden yoyo, but it don’t sleep enough. So I want to upgrade for a better yoyo, but i dont know what to choose: a 12$ plastic one but good quality or a 6$ metal one but less good quality? ???

12$ plastic one: https://billybobsbaitandtackle.com/YOYOFACTORY-ONESTAR

6$ metal one:

This is by far the best option for beginners : https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/collections/yoyofactory/products/yyf-replay-responsive-yoyo

I am assuming you mean what* is the best yoyo? If you want a decent pocket sized metal the DV888 would be a good choice, or like stated before the responsive replay. If you want something that can be unresponsive or responsive to help ease into binds, I’d go for a velocity, or just get a upgrade kit from YYF and do upgrade your responsive yoyo.

if i was you i would get a $20 plastic. They are really fun. The Skyva just came out and i am hearing great things about it. I would say to get that. Just having a yoyo be metal does not make it better.

good luck!

I would’ve recommended this as well but he seems to still be in the responsive stage so I think the Replay would be his best bet right now.

That is a good point. I would agree with getting the replay.

Obviously my yoyo is best! ;D

But in all seriousness.
Having a couple of yoyos is really nice.
Really,If I played with my [insert yoyo here] all the time yoyo-ing would get boring pretty quickly.