Beginner yoyo

Hi everyone, I’ve just barely gotten into yoyoing (like, three weeks ago) I had this little cheap yoyo that I got with arcade tickets and that’s what sparked my interest in yoyos. I just ordered the yoyojam kickside, and I was wondering if that was a smart decision, also, what is the difference between metal and plastic, how dO they affect the yoyo differently? recommendations for anything are welcome, wether its how to make this forum better, or future yoyos to upgrade to!

the kickside is a fantastic choice. other good choices would be a velocity, lyn fury, or any other plastic yoyojam.

The Kickside is a very good choice. If you wanted another plastic I would recommend the Lyn Fury.

Metal and plastic yoyos are different in many ways. Metal yoyos USUALLY cost more. There are some cheap ones but they’re usually more expensive then a plastic yoyo. People say that metal yoyos are better then plastic ones. It’s true but if you’re good enough it doesn’t matter. The player makes the yoyo, not the other way around.

As you progress you may want to upgrade to a better yoyo. Once you think you are ready I would definantly recommend the Dark Magic 2. It gets people from begginer all the way through master on the tutorials. It comes with a thin bearing for responsive play and then once you’re ready you could switch to the unresponsive bearing.

I hope this helped and welcome to the yoyoing community!

Agreed. Kickside is a great yoyo and I love the Lyn Fury. Once you progress you might want a metal but it’s not a requirement. I have Legacy II that works well and the Protostar can handle anything I can do plus there is the Northstar with a world title under its belt as well.

I’m agreeing with everyone else here. Fantastic choice. Eventually, as some others said, you may want a metal, but it’s not necessary, because as long as you have a good throw and can do good tricks you can do the same thing with a plastic as you can do with a metal. Great first choice!

First off, welcome to the community! Always good to see new people get into the hobby.

To address your first concern, I do think you made a good decision with the kickside. Its a fantastic yoyo for a beginner and I think it will serve you well.

As for the difference between metal and plastic. Generally metal yoyos are higher end. They play and feel completely different compared to a plastic yoyo. Metal yoyos usually spin longer, grind (you’ll learn what this is in the near future) longer, and just play better over all. But thats not to say that plastic yoyos are no good. They’re plenty of high end plastic yoyos as well. If you’re interested to see some of those check out brands like Crucial. :wink:

As for any tips…Well number one, just have fun! Don’t get frustrated or impatient with yourself when you try to learn new tricks. Speaking of tricks though, once you get throwing perfect and can land a trapeze, double or nothing, split bottom mount, etc. Be sure to learn how to bind! Instructional videos for all these tricks can be found on this site under the “learn” section. :slight_smile:

the velocity is ok i just got my 3 days ago but when doing long string tricks it will die fast so be careful

I’d agree with what has been said. The kickside is a good yoyo to start with. If you want to move up a notch and not spend a ton of money try the Dark Magic II.

When you’re ready to move up, clean the bearing in your Kickside and it will go unresponsive and spin a ton longer. Much cheaper than buying something new YET.

metals are much heavier but plastics can be as well metals are almost always unresponsive and sertian plastics can be unresponsive though metals scratch really easily well plastics hardly scratch at all it all in your preferanse

Hey welcome! Glad to see our community grow!

So as a newbie plastics are the way to go as they are setup for being more responsive in general but can be modified easily to meet the needs of your changing skill level.

Later on after you’ve progressed and learned to do more tricks, binding and aren’t hiring your yoyo against the ground as often you cab move onto a metal yoyo that is a little more expensive but avoid the ones that cost over a hundred until you feel you’re ready for the investment as well as feel committed.

A kickside is a good choice as is the Lynn fury. After those you could even go with a metal rimmed yoyo like one of the other yoyojams.

Good luck, share your progress and ask any questions! We all were newbies at one point or another.