New to the Yoyo Scene

I just got started a little while ago on a Duncan Metal Drifter
So far all I can do is bind, plastic whip, and one-handed bind off the plastic whip
I tore up my friction stickers to the point that my yoyo barley even spins when I throw
I thought since I’m definitely gonna keep with yoyoing that I might as well get a good yoyo (one that you don’t buy at toys r us)
So I’m looking for a moderately priced yoyo (max 30 or 35 dollars) thats good for pretty much all levels. Something that I can use for a good long while
I was looking at the POPstar, Trigger, Token, and ShaqlerStar, but I have no idea whether those would be good for my level.
Any suggestions or recommendations?

Maybe not the popstar until you get a little more advanced but the others are great!

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trigger or squalerstar. Both two of the best plastics out there and are used by beginners and pros all alike.

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I would go with trigger or Shaqulerstar. Tolenand popstar are to small for a beginner in my opinion

what differences are there between plastic ones and metal ones?
are there any benefits to one over the other?

Definitely not the token or popstar. Trigger would be nice. Modified classic is also nice.

Plastic ones can take hits without apparent harm(for the most part) over metal throws.

Metals can often be smoother, better balanced and often more stable and longer spinning, however well designed plastics can offer most of the features. The trade-off is often in the smoothness area, where plastics tend to be a little bit lacking, but that’s comparing them to a metal. I have many plastics including the Protostar, Northstar, Trigger and more and I really have no issue with their smoothness because for me it’s about fun and enjoyment, not being OCD on “vibe” issues. However, if there were vibe issues, well, that could be a problem.

Metals can have more extreme shapes due to the material ad how they can machine the material to put the weight right where they want it and/or need it.

Metals may often cost more, but that’s changing a bit, but in general that statement will true.

The most important thing is you enjoy what you have. I can be perfectly content playing a Classic, Protostar, Trigger, Legacy II and other very reasonably priced plastics. However, I still enjoy my metal yoyos.

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I wouldn’t suggest anything under 50 mm diameter until you’re more advanced. A smaller yoyo=harder to land tricks. If you are basically just starting out, I would suggest a plastic yoyo, because of the abuse it’s going to get. I have a Yoyofactory Protostar and it is really good. A Shaqlerstar is basically a heavier Protostar, so if you want heavier get that. If you want light and fast, get a Protostar. I have never used a Trigger, so I don’t know about that. If you are willing to use some extra effort, don’t exclude the Yoyojam Classic. If you want it to be at the same level as the Proto/Shaqler stars, you will need a size C bearing, and new response is optional because the rubber o-rings last forever, but they turn everything black. You will need more strings and either extra pads or flowable silicon when the stickers wear out.

I’d like to add my voice to the chorus of people recommending the YoYoJam Trigger. It is a fantastic plastic yoyo and will allow you to do any trick you could possibly imagine. I’ve had a great deal of fun with mine and often reach for it before I reach for one of my $120.00+ metal yoyos. Trust me, plastic yoyos are just as capable as metal yoyos, but they don’t have the same feel.

If what you want is performance at a low price, the Trigger is your best bet.

Definitely can’t go wrong with the ShaqlerStar or the Trigger. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, the NorthStar is exactly the same as the ShaqlerStar—Just in case you’re not too fond of the design or color of the Shaqler. The protostar is also the same, aside from being a bit lighter, but it is still equally capable. You may also want to take a look at Adegle’s plastics, as they are only about 15 dollars and they can perform just about any trick you’ll encounter on the YYE tricklist, although they may be less forgiving when learning. Lastly, although I haven’t personally played it myself, the Alpha Crash by C3YoYo Design looks promising for only 20 bucks and it’s from a very reputable company. YoYoExpert carries nothing but quality products, and seeing as how you’re just starting out and you probably don’t have too many preferences, you can’t really go wrong with any of the throws on this site. Good luck with your search! :slight_smile:

Trigger is an awesome choice, for not much dough. Token isn’t THAT bad for stability, though I agree with the general consensus of “wait for later”. I think it’s easier to learn on a Token than an Adegle PSG, though. PSG is far too wobbly to inspire much confidence in a beginner.

At the super-low price point, YoyoJam Classic is my choice.

Watch this space for the next few days:

I have no doubt that something awesome will pop up in the next 3 days. :wink: You could spoil yourself with a “less than $100 for two or more great yoyos” opportunity and get some of the best yoyos out there.

DO NOT get a Popstar. Or a Token.


I completely agree.

While I hate the Popstar with the hot rage of a thousand fiery suns, I do like the Token a lot. However, at this point in the game, the Token is just too small for the user in question.

Get a Token later on for fun or a challenge. That appears to be what it’s made for.

You can get a Duncan raptor for 40 I think… And one star is a solid throw for 15 bucks. Oh the options.

I would say get a POPstar or token next because for a budding thrower it really helps force you to hit the string improving skill levels much quicker. It’s exactly how my friend learned while I learned on a DV888 both great choices and to this day he was always able to hit strings much better than I am.

I would say a lyn fury

you could get a yoyoofficer crayon for 38 dollars

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Man, Yoyofficer has some SWEET-looking stuff at good prices.