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Hey guys and girls! So I recently just started yoyoing in the last few weeks and found this forum like a week ago and just been browsing around mostly but decided to sign up today! Anyway I bought a Duncan metal drifter to use but I’ve decided I don’t really like it much. I’m not as big a fan of the metal and the weight in my hand. So I guess I’m back in the market for one. Just wanted to get some suggestions of a good starter that is not metal :slight_smile: let me know what you guys think!

Welcome to the forum.

How about a Dark Magic II? It’s a popular throw for beginners because it includes a half-spec bearing so it will play responsive. When you get better, you can swap out that bearing for the included SPEC bearing and move into binding and advanced to expert and master level tricks. It is plastic AND metal.

If you know how to bind, you have many more choices. If not, you still have choices. The ONE is a inexpensive, all plastic fun throw with 2 bearings if you buy the package with the 2 bearings. It ships like the Dark Magic II: responsive half-spec bearing installed, SPEC bearing in the package. At $10, it’s one heck of a fantastic price. Good starter yoyo, gets you going good for a budget. You may wish to purchase the ONE to learn on and improve, then when you learn to bind and move forward from that while still using the ONE, you can start shopping for an upgrade that is unresponsive.

All I will say is that for beginners, I recommend plastic. Once you feel you’re ready to move up, keep it affordable, but that’s good because there are tons of options. There are some really good plastics, and some great plastic and metals(bi-metal) and even some good affordable metals. Once you’re at this stage of being able to bind, you could skip an intermediate upgrade and go for something considered top-end. It’s up to you. There’s no right way to do it.

You can try the ProtoStar, NorthStar, StarLite, Plastic GrindMachine, DieNasty,  ONE, WHIP, KickSide, Legacy, or the Prelude.

All of those are good plastics. (If on a budget try looking at the ONE, WHIP, KickSide, Prelude, DieNasty, and the StarLite.)

In the future we have a section devoted to asking questions you can find it here.,15.0.html

Try either the YoYoFactory One or Whip. They’re both great cheap ($10.00) plastic yo yo’s. And you can upgrade them when you get better!

Like everybody has said, get a one, whip, dark magic 2, protostar, or starlite. You might want two of them if they are cheap because you will beat the crap out of your plastics. Also have fun throwing

Lyn Fury, Kickside or Speedmaker.

Thanks for all the input everyone! I am at work now so I will take a look at all the above when I get home this evening! Also I apologize for the wrong section still getting the hang of this tapatalk app!

if you think metal drifter is heavy, almost all yoyos are heavier.

if im not mistaken, metal drifter is about 62 grams. most metals (and plastics for that matter) are around 65 or more.

Welcome to the forum, glad you happened across the site and hopefully we can help you out as much as we can through your yoyo life.

The yoyos recommended above are indeed great.

One thing worth noting, don’t get too “in awe” of the metal throws. They are great but a good plastic is perfectly capable of doing all the same tricks you can pull off with a metal. Stuff from Shinwoo is very good as they offer yoyos at a lower price that are actually very very good. Yoyojam stuff as well as the kickside is a great throw as well.
Make sure to pick up some extra string as well, when you get into this stuff, you will find you are gonna use it up gradually quicker.


Hope you enjoy the forum

Don’t feed the parasprites.

Stay legit, and welcome!


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Studio, the spec bearing is in yoyofactorys not yoyojams.

I`d say if you have enough get a yoyojam bi-metal. You said you didn’t like the weight of the drifter, so maybe try the hit-man pro witch is on the lighter side of the scale. If you dom’t have 40 bucks, the try the one, velocity, or any plastic yyj.

Okay that’s my fault I may have meant it differently than I typed. Although weight wise I’m sure its pretty consistant between metal and plastics I think I just jumped in and let the shiny drifter speak for my choice lol I guess I feel I should have just started with with something more practical such as a plastic one instead of jumping right into a metal throw. Thanks for all the advice guys!!

Clarify for me. I thought I said the DM2 and the ONE ship with a half-spec bearing, and include a SPEC bearing.(Well, the one if you choose the extrea bearing option).

Either way, it’s not a big deal. It’s important newbies get some knowledge.

Spec bearings are YYF’s bearings.

YYJ has a 10-ball of some kind but I believe the DMII comes with a half and full size of their 10-ball bearing.

Back on topic, you can’t go wrong with the Whip or One.

Also, you have good grammar I like you.

YAY its Q!

i need to grab me a whip or ONE to let people use.

Yeah, it’s annoying when people are like " hyy is da hetmam ami gud?".

In my opinion, you should go with a lyn fury.

Not only does it come in awesome colorways, it is also made of celcon. Celcon is a much stronger and smoother plastic (better grinds!) than polycarbonite (The only other celcon yoyo that i’ve noticed in this thread is the kickside).

However, pretty much every yoyo suggested in this thread is great. you can’t go wrong with any of them. Pick one that’s your favorite color or shape, you’ll be happy no matter which way you go.

Haha thanks I tend to think that helps in forum sites. It’s not my first time on a forum luckily but definatly to a yo yo forum!

Back on topic though it looks like I’m going to have to look into the ONE or the whip, I’ve gotten that response quite often today! I’m in the process of taking a break from homework so maybe ill have to do some shopping here in the next few minutes!

Welcome to the forum!