Beginner Looking for Intermediate to Advanced Yoyo for Lady Hands

Hello Everyone! I just started yoyoing yesterday at the last CYYC meeting and Im looking for something that would be good for beginners. It doesn’t have to be undersized. I prefer metal and price isn’t an issue. I wanted to see what you guys would suggest!
Thanks in advance!! ;D

edit: I already know how to bind and a few other tricks. Im looking for a yoyo that will help bring me from intermediate to advanced. I would like something that I don’t really need to upgrade in the future. @snafu Im Andre’s girlfriend!

Metal and beginner are somewhat mutually exclusive terms. Usually, a beginner isn’t using a metal, and there are so few metals that are tug-responsive oriented(without over-lubing). I recommend learning on a tug responsive yoyo. Not everyone agrees with this, and that’s fine too. If someone is showing you in person, learning to bind isn’t that difficult.

If you can bind, get whatever you want. Usually, being able to bind is the line to cross between beginner and intermediate. There’s no “lady hands” rules, it’s whatever fits your hands best.

You mention price is no issue. I’d put down a number so people can make recommendations. Otherwise, you’re gonna see “get an Anglam” or stuff like that. A $45 Shutter or dv888 can be ideal metal yoyos if they work well for you. So can a Magic yoyo, especially an N12, for under $30.

I feel as a beginner, there’s plenty of cost-effective yoyos that grow from tug responsive to unresponsive. Short of that, there’s a few low-cost models that may or may not be responsive only(Classic or ONE, or even a Velocity), but due to the price, you can upgrade to a newer unresponsive yoyo down the line.

thanks for picking on me hehe and welcome to the forums i hope you will find tons of great info and things to help rocket your yoyo skills to the top!

If you are already binding and doing some beginners tricks then id recommend a DarkMagic 2 from yoyo jam this will give you a good intro to the unresponsive world and will allow you plenty of room to grow and its a nice hybrid metal rims with a plastic body it has enough weight to play really nice and also comes with a small bearing for solid responsive play and a full sized bearing to be fully unresponsive.  The DarkMagic 2 comes in a ton of amazing colors and color combos there is going to be something that will be right for you. this is the yoyo André Boulay uses in his tutorial videos here on the site as another plus you can by the shinwoo light kit and rock the evening with fancy cool lights.

If you are wanting something a little different look for a General-Yo majesty i tried a small bearing out on it last night and it worked out fine no mods needed this will allow you to have some responsive play but still get long bearing sleep times but tug responsiveness.

The if neither of these tickles your fancy and want something even a little different yet check out the supernova from YoYoFactory, this yoyo is super stable and a little larger with a slightly higher wall and a thicker rim that will give you a well rounded player that you might not want to put down (ever) i bought mine a month or so back and honestly it is one that is in almost every rotation of play (i generally take 2-5 yoyos and set them out in front of me when i play and i will rotate them out and run through my trick routine).

so for just starting out yesterday and having a want to jump right into unresponsive play these are my recommendations i have a few others, but I’d definitely start with one or two of these as these are a few of my favorite yoyos for doing the starting tricks that are super stable and well rounded yoyos. :slight_smile:

if you must have something more look at G-square’s quake, General-yo’s prestige (will be up at yoyoeXpert this coming week), or any of the One yoyos the Rally, Summit, Chik!, yelets, 54 are all contenders for awesome yoyos that you will enjoy.

but i would really start out with a DarkMagic 2 and a Supernova then as you progress move on these are the best bang for your buck and will suit your style the best in the beginning.

if you have any more questions be sure to post up and if i don’t happen to see your posts feel free to PM me and i will offer any help i can, granted i don’t know everything and most of this is just my opinion and some will agree and some wont, but for me its what has worked.

Also most on these forums are here to help and you will find the great majority here to offer their experiences, some you’ll agree with some you wont! take what works for you and leave what doesn’t!

EDIT: here is a link to the shinwoo lights

and a video showing installation and use this was made by one of our members here JiggyFly! thanks you sir for doing the video :slight_smile:

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I disagree that metal and beginner are mutually exclusive. As a beginner, you’re more likely to smack up a yoyo and bounce it off the floor, but if you’re “OK” with that (most metals cost more than most plastics, everyone’s threshold for property damage is different) there’s not reason to not go right into a metal throw.

Small but not too small, and at the right price is the new Werrd Minute. Really enjoy that yoyo.


Thank you Snafu and GregP for being so helpful! I will definitely consider these yoyos. Andre already has the Chik! and the supernova, and I like them both! I’ve been really liking the Token so far. So Im thinking of going with an undersized yoyo, but I’m not too sure! :smiley:

Sorry for being so vague, Im fairly new to all of this. At least I posted in the right forum, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel that One Drop’s Rally is a great stating point that hasn’t been mentioned yet. It plays very well, and the metal weight rings add stability and rim weight, which equates to longer spin times in general. It has a nice marbleized catch zone, allowing for grinds. Although it is plastic, to me, it plays and feels like a metal.

The Shutter is also a good option–it’s stable, metal, and the shape is comfortable in my hands. It’s quite wide, so hitting the string shouldn’t be a problem, and for the price, this yoyo is a must-have.

The Token is a great throw, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a main yoyo, more of something to carry around for fun. I believe that it’s a bit too small and unstable to perform well while you are still learning.

Edit: Didn’t notice, Snafu also mentioned the Rally! I guess we both have great taste in yoyos! :smiley:


Undersized yoyo should be the token or a used general-yo ministar these are by far the best. :slight_smile:

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Wait do you mean andrè boulay andrè or a different andrè?

That’s what I thought because Andre Boulay is married to Devon Frederick…

Her boyfriend is a newer memeber here and his name is also Andre different then André boulay (that’s why I made the distinction in my post).

Also props big cat he rally is an awesome throw and is the plastic that you’ll forget is a plastic lol.

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Thanks Snafu! I was really confused about that… :wink:

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Haha good! I thought that it was andrè boulays girlfriend, and i was all like, “wait… Isn’t he married?” Hahaha

OMG… it seems like we posted at the same time! lol :o

Lol, looks like I need to change my name to something else so people don’t confuse me with Boulay.

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Lolz so silly

Since you’re new, I’d avoid small yoyos. Mid-sized and up would be a but more ideal.

Shutter would be an ideal one at this point. Good on price and comfort and amazing peformance easily 2.5 times what you’re paying for it… The RecRev sine//saw would be another good one. RecRev is a brand that for me has consistently offered low prices and amazing performance that is usually at least twice what you paid for. I’d also like to mention the “@” and OG Octave as well as the Silly Goose too. Burnside is another excellent choice but if you want something with side effects, the Chik is only a bit more.

Another one that didn’t surprise me as being good, is the new Electric Flash, which I just picked up at Nationals after getting to play one first. I’ve been super pleased with C3’s products, so that’s why it was no surprise it was so good. A step down in price but different and also amazing performance is the Trident. I’m very much inclined to try many other C3 models. I have acess to most of them through a friend, so it’s just a matter of time.

The Duncan Strix is really good too. Just got this at Nationals. Fantastic price too for it’s performance. if you want the best of what Duncan offers, there’s no denying the Barracuda. The shape of both are really comfortable in the hand. The middle section really fits your finger good.

I got t play the Werrd Eighty-Six 400. Looking at the price of $70, after I played it I learned the price. I was thinking $100, but no, it’s $70. This was a yoyo I didn’t want to consider until I playe done first, and now I’m really looking forward to getting one in a few months. I love how the raw ring sets off the rest of the yoyo and brings attention to the yoyo in motion. I think the photos on YYE don’t accurately capture the shape. The pictures showed here turned me off the yoyo, but I didn’t want to rule it out based on shape only because I have lots of yoyos that don’t match my main preferences. I’m glad I was given the chance on this one. One I do like for sure is the Irony. I’m not sure how I’d like the new Irony JP, but I think the odds are favorable for me. It’s a big step up in price over the Eighty-Six 400.

I think the CLYW AC or Chief are good ones as well, but the price might be a bit much for now. They are worth the price tag.

Really, just find something with a shape that attracts you and a price you like. If you can get a chance to play one ahead of time, by all means, take that opportunity. If you like what you have chosen, you can just settle on that and not worry about upgrading. I wouldn’t really worry about upgrading in general. You may want variety, something different, more of the same or something else. Everything is different. There’s often usually not a real “ugprade” path where you’re following a specific path. It usualy goes “plastic responsive”, then “plastic unresponsive”, then maybe a low-cost metal or a metal/plastic, then a higher-priced yoyo which is often a metal. Skipping steps is certainly acceptable. There’s no real rule. Once you get to that “high dollar” metal step, after that, you just start doing what you want.

Get what you and buy something you like then “upgrade” to the next yoyo you like in the yoyo world.
price and material isn’t always indicative of quality or whether you will even like it. I’ve not played a yoyo yet I didn’t like.