I think I need a different yoyo...

Awhile back, I had received Furphyo’s “The Rok” from my father (he was best friends with the owner in high school or something to that effect) but yoyoing didn’t really click to me at the time. Recently though, I picked it back up and something sparked and I just instantly loved it!

My problem though, is that I have too low of a skill level to be able to handle my yoyo effectively. I am currently just beginning to get into more intermediate tricks and would like to ask for any recommendations of yoyos for my skill level.

I’m not sure of any specific yoyo’s though I’ve read that the FHZ, Metal Drifter, Lyn Fury, and the DarkMagic II are some good beginner yoyos but haven’t found any useful information on them.

I would definitely like a more responsive yoyo, or atleast more responsive to the point where I don’t have to do the bind just to get the freaking yoyo up.
Price isn’t too much of an issue, a medium sized to small yoyo is what I would prefer, and I would be doing on-string tricks with said yoyo.

Also, are there any string recommendations? I was just thinking of sticking with slick 6.

I realize that I’m a noob, and that this may be in the wrong section, but I’m just wanting to progress a tad more quickly by using the correct equipment and such for my skill level. Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance.

Yep, the yoyos you listed are definitely good for beginners. :wink:

If you want a plastic responsive one, there’s sooo many out there to choose from. The best ones, imo, are from Duncan and Yomega.

There aren’t as many metal responsive yoyos. The DM2 and the 888x comes with two bearings, one each for responsive and unresponsive play. The Yomega Maverick starts out responsive. It becomes less and less responsive the more you play because the rubber response starts to wear out. There are other responsive metals if you look for them.

What I think is best for you, imo, is a YYF Velocity, which has adjustable responsiveness, and the DM2, which Andre uses for every trick on this site, from beginner to master. Of course, you are the one who decides what yoyo is best for yourself. 8)

Sorry, but I’m not too sharp on strings. Just get any 50/50 cotton/poly string. Good for intermidiate play. 100% poly for very advanced play. Really smooth and slick.

Good luck. ;D

Ummm, you can make any yoyo responsive by lubing the bearing.

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some good yoyos that can get you through beginner to master would be DM2, One, Velocity, lyn fury, prelude (not out yet. pre release at worlds :D), and there’s also another yoyo by yyj that’s going to come with a responsive and unresponsive bearing. I just don’t remember the name. saw it at worlds also.

as far as string, 50/50 or poly will work. I’d go with poly. I’ve used poly from the beginning, and I didn’t have any problems. although I also learned to bind pretty much the first day I got a real yoyo (a dm2)

do you know when its coming out?!?!?!?

the prelude?
not sure.
but it’s kind of the same concept as a one.
it’s a $10 plastic that can be responsive or unresponsive depending on the bearing. just it doesn’t come with the unresponsive bearing, so you’d have to buy one for it if you wanted to do more advanced play.

or were you talking about the other thing? I think it’s called the fever. not sure when that’s hitting online shops either.

I think I’m going to go with the DM2 because that’s what everyone seems to generally approve of (that and it looks pretty slick).

As for string, I’m just going to stick with the slick 6 or maybe the 100 poly, it doesn’t matter too much at this point.
Though, I am going through string like there’s no tomorrow… Does poly hold up longer than the 50/50?

And lastly, is there anything that you wish you had gotten when you started yoyoing?

flying v is a yoyo that can be tug responsive and set unresponsive,by spyy, super sick too. DM2 is a rather big yoyo if your looking for smaller one. But to tell the truth what i wish I had gotten when I first started was a better yoyo. I wanted to buy a beginner to learn on, I so should have just bought a good one to start hehe. Oh and buy a 100 pack of 100% poly string…buy some thin lube too.

Ehhh, it’s a bit pricey, I don’t think I’m going to want to be trashing up a $110 yoyo by learning on it.

I looked again and I also saw the yyf velocity and it looked like a pretty decent yoyo.

Also, why do you recommend the 100 poly? Does it hold up longer?

And will do on the lube, I’ve been meaning to get some but just haven’t gotten around to it.

Hmmm I think you should buy the YYF one because it is cheap and choose with the spec bearing, so it can becom responsive or unresponsive with out lubing it

Well, I would prefer having a yoyo that is partially metal and it be a bit more high performance that way I can progress into more advanced tricks when I need to.

so maybe you need to stick with lubing it with the thick lube. maybe a cheap metal like raptor

I’m not sure I like the raptor, I’ve read some reviews about it and it didn’t seem like it was all to great.

But I’ve come to a partial decision, I AM going to going to get a yyf ONE(I read some reviews and it seems like a good starter yoyo) and one other yoyo(plus string, lube, etc). SO it’s come down to a velocity, DM2, maybe a raptor, or a (I took another look at this one and it seemed pretty nice) FHZ.

Ah, another person on my list…

I don’t get it…
I’m guessing you like the raptor or something to that effect?

the raptor is amazing :slight_smile:
it’s easily the best metal for the price. it plays like a $100 metal, but for $40. Caps in or caps out, it’s great. I see why skeleton boy likes them so much.

I’d go with the One, and a raptor.
I didn’t really like the velocity. it wasn’t the most stable, and I didn’t like just the general feel. if you’re already getting a one, don’t see why you’d get another beginner yoyo like a velocity.
The DM2 is a great yoyo, don’t get me wrong. but to me it’s also a beginner throw.
FHZ is only amazing when it’s modded right. Stock, I think they kinda suck.
A raptor is going to be the most different and advanced of the yoyos you said you were deciding between for a 2nd yoyo.

I think you may have already made your decision.
The DM2 is a great yoyo and you will not be disapointed.

I Learnt most of my early tricks on a YoyoJam Black Knight and I still throw it around.
The DM2 has many things going for it, I am certain you will like it.

I think if you want responsiveness, your string wont matter too much.
I never liked the feel of 50/50, so I started out on Poly.

That’s my 2 cents.


Well, I have made my mind up on the YYF ONE but I’m still not sure about a second one. I am somewhat partial to the DM2 but people are starting to make me doubt it.

Thank you for your $0.02 on string, I was really starting to wonder about that.

Is there anything I should know about the raptor and/or the DM2?

I can’t comment on the Raptor, I have never used one.

In fact I don’t have any Duncan Metals.

Your Choice will probably come down to preference of look.

Both yoyo’s have a good reputation though, so you should be set either way.


I’ve used both, sure many others have too. You can’t say Raptor is better than DM2 nor DM2 is better than Raptor.

Raptor is a metal. DM2 is not. DM2 has IRG’s. Raptor does not. Raptor has a nice smooth finish. DM2 does not. DM2 has rim weight momentum. Raptor does not. Raptor has removable side caps. So does DM2. Raptor comes with 2 extra sets of SG response systems. DM2 does not. Raptor comes in many colors. DM2 can almost do that. Raptor grinds very well on finger grinds. DM2 has a more tacky plastic.

All plays well, but Raptor is outstanding. DM2 is fine too, and it has a slim bearing for responsive play.

All yours to decide, are you ready for metal. But Raptor is good. Seriously, do not under-estimate it.