Please recomend a good yoyo for me.


Hi so as someone pretty new to yo-yo I’m looking for a good unresponsive yoyo. I’ve started with the fast 201 but I feel I’m in need of something a little higher level I want one that will be good for 1a tricks and preferably isn’t to expensive. Preferably around 20-50$ thanks to all who reply.


I assume you don’t really have any preference since you only have 201’s

you can pick anything in your price range just to build up a preference though, but if I have to make a recommendation;
YYF CZM8, Shutter or tooHOT might be good. C3 level 6 is also good, and if you don’t mind plastic, go with YYF Northstar, less painful feelings when you ding it.


There’s also the sOMEThING addiction for plastic and werrd minute for undersized. You also have the entire YoyoOfficer lineup to pick from basically and the musket and lava are soon to be released here.

You could also check out the magicyoyo N12 which is known as one of the best values you can get.


I would recommend the Protostar if you don’t mind plastics. Great yoyo and fits your budget too. It’s the first unresponsive I started with and I still play it 2 years later.


Or pick up a YYF hubstack pretty awsome
and a 3yoyodesign speedaholic I wanta try one of these :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried a Hubstack, but the C3 Speedaholic is pretty amazing.


ohh yeahh
I have the hubstack afterglow
And it is awsome for a plasty :slight_smile:


I think everybody recommendation are pretty good. Just thought I add my 2 cents so not sure if you looked at the recreational revolution Neuae or the Yoyofficier Kilter. Both those brands make some great metal for low prices. Right now in that price range there so many models so I think you should just pick whatever you think is cool and would fit you.

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What?!? No love for the Rally!?! If you are looking for a yoyo in the <$50.00 range the One Drop Rally is awesome! When I was getting my first “fancy” unresponsive it was between the YYF Shutter and the OD Rally and both have great reviews so yea that’s my $0.02


The Rally is good, no doubt.
It’s one of my favorite throws ever and I’m getting my third one when the White Rally’s drop.
If you decide to get one, the white ones will be arriving at YYE soon


Thanks for all of the replays guys and I know I’m kind of late at replying (sorry I’ve been hussy helping out a kendama company I know host an event.) And more on topic I really like the protostar from what I’ve seen and the rally looks nice too though I’m leaning more likely getting the protostar. Also has anyone tried the grind machine from yoyo factory how is it?


It’s an old design, not too great
More of a cheap hubstack yoyo than anything else


Go for the N12


The yoyo Magic N12 cannot be beaten in performance per price. It is a great yoyo and so cheap. I highly recommend it. But don’t use the string that is included. For some reason I (and others) did not like it. It plays like a $50-80 yoyo but for only $20-25. It is not carried here so you will need to Order from that online Bay store.


Get a Rally. Very nice! The new white ones look amazing and play very well!!!


The n12 looks really promising from what I’ve read here and on many other review sites and sense it’s so cheap and aluminum (I really wanted to try a metal yoyo) I think I’ll get it. Any recommendations on string? I was thinking of getting a 100 pack of advance string from here but open to all suggestions. Also preferably string that last longer as I’ve heard kitty string needs to be replaced really fast and as a jobless high school in a not so rich family I can’t afford to be replacing string daily.

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I use crocostrings cat tails and they last 2 weeks or more… They’re just kinda hard on your hands but I don’t really mind it ;D
I have also used YYE string and I can get about a week out of it sometimes a week and a half.

**note: this is the performance on a Rally played 2-3 hours per day