$50 yoyo recomendation

i’m working on the advanced string tricks and currently using a responsive yoyo. the yoyo i have is from yoyojam but i’m not sure which model. it’ll sleep for maybe 30 seconds before slowing to the point it won’t return.

i think i want an unresponsive yoyo and am looking to spend about $60 bucks or so. what do you guys recommend?

I would suggest a yoyojam trigger (28) and a fullsized bearing (10) to go with it. I’ve had mine for a while now and still like it more than my 100+ dollar throws. Some people will disagree with that statement because of preferences, but if nothing else, I don’t think anyone could say there’s tricks you could do on a more expensive throw that you couldn’t do with the same ease on a trigger.

Start with a MagicYoYo.

Wow. Advanced on a responsive yoyo. Excellent!

Anyhow, depends what you want as far as an unresponsive yoyo.

With a budget of $50-60(you changed your number in the messag), that’s a lot to choose from.

I try to stick my recommendations to stuff I have.

The Trigger and Protostar I would say are good leaders here. Northstar is a good option as well, just heavier and slower.

The dv888 is not a favorite of mine, but, the only reason I’m not recommending it here is because of the small size. It’s $45, solid, stable and very smooth, but nothing exciting but does the job very well. It’s a good yoyo.

YoYoJam has a nice selection in the $45 or so range, maybe with a 2nd bearing(the wide one needed for unresponsive play). The DM2 is a proven favorite, but there’s plenty to choose from depending on your tastes and preferences. The Vexed really surprised me, but it’s over $50. The Speeder 2 is nice as well. The Hitman Pro and XCon Pro tend to be kind of small, so you may wish to avoid those for now.

The C3YoyoDesign DiBase is $55 and is really god. If you want delrin, the Halo is a great option.

But, you don’t need to spend this much. $50-60 as a maximum budget is a wonderful number. You can get darn near anything: plastic, plastic/metal, plastic(various) and evne delrin. There’s lost of stuff I’m not recommending because I either don’t have it(Shinwoo Zen series can be examined), can’t rememeber(I got a lot of stuff I can’t recall prices on) or it’s stuff YYE isn’t carrying.

Let’s hop down the price realm but also in YYE inventory:
So, if you want to aim “low”, there’s plenty of great stuff below $30 depending on on your tastes.

YYF DieNasty and PGM have similar shapes, different performance. Fun. The PGM stacks can be neat. Ignore those who say “stacks get old”. Make your own decision. ONE(with 2 bearings) and WHIP(either variation) are a tad light but other than that are decent. The ONE is kind of small. The Starbright is pretty decent.

YYJ’s Chaser, Legacy II, Lyn Fury(small, needs to be siliconed and bearing cleaned) and Classic with silicone and a C sized bearing rocks. The Lyn Fury is also rather small.

Adegle PSG and Asteroid are good too. The GEM series PSG’s are heavier. I like heavier so I like these better.

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I would recommend getting several 25 bucks yoyo to help you build up your preference.

Since you’re already creeping up in price… $65 gets you the C3 Capless, an absolutely wonderful yoyo with amazing quality and performance (and not just “for the price”, but period). :wink:

On the lower end, I’ve owned plastics like PGM, Chaser, Lyn Fury, and Classic. Out of those, for learning I think Classic or Chaser get the nod. Wide enough gaps, good catch zones, and stable. Even without siliconing the Classic, you’ll be in decent shape for learning the Advanced tricks; you would need the full-sized C bearing added to your order, though.

I’ve also got a Dark Magic II. It beats all the plastics in the above paragraph as a learning tool. The Chaser is more aggressive and powerful (and so it’s more fun to throw sometimes), and the Lyn Fury is a nimble lightweight fun throw, but the DM2 is great for learning on. Could go for other YYJ metal-rimmed yoyos that suit your tastes better, though.

Based on what others have said (haven’t tried one), if you can’t reach up to the C3 Capless, you could be on-budget with the DiBase and be quite pleased. Gotta try one of those some day.

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The ideal learning progression, in my opinion:

Responsive -> Unresponsive, high wall -> low wall

The good news is you have lots of good options. The bad news is it’s hard to make a choice with so many options. Here’s a few suggestions:

God-Tricks is a Chinese manufacturer who make some really nice players at great prices. I’d recommend the Cyclone for someone unsure of their preferences. I find the Bounty Hunter the easiest to learn tricks on but has quite a large diameter which you may or may not like. The Destiny is also worth considering if you’re interested in a fast player.

Another Chinese manufacturer worth considering is Magic YoYo. They’re arguably the best bang for buck manufacturer around. You should be able to find a T5 for around $10-$15 and it’s capable of almost any trick. They also make a range of other models which others have had good experiences with.

Another cheap option is the YoYoJam Classic. It comes stock with with a slim bearing and O-rings making it responsive, but buy a replacement C-size bearing and some new pads and it plays fantastically. YYJ also have a stack of hybrid plastic throws. These are primarily made of plastic with metal weight rings. For a beginner my favourite is the SFX, but the newer Vexed and Inspire also look the part though I’ve yet to try them. A cheaper option is the Trigger which has weight rings under the plastic and plays well.

Shinwoo is an often overlooked Korean brand with good prices. I’ve only tried their Zen6 and GrandYo and both are worthwhile for the price. The Zen 3,4 and 5 also look like players but I’ve yet to try them out.

YYF have some great plastic yoyos in the form of the ProtoStar, North/ShaqlerStar and StarLite. All three of these yoyos share the same shape but with differing weights. They’re all really good players and the best of three is ultimately a matter of a preference. The middle weight is the ProtoStar so it’s probably the best one to get for someone not so sure of their preferences.

From Duncan both the Echo and Metropolis are worth considering. Just be careful if you get a Metropolis as some people have had problems with the yoyo cutting their strings.

If you’re looking to jump right in there, get a YYF Severe. I hear its great and am about to get one :slight_smile: if you’re willing to jump up to 65$ get a Capless like GregP said. I have one and absolutely love it