Need help on finding the right yoyo

Hey. So Im looking for an great yoyo for advanced play. I already have c couple of them but I cant seem to find the right one. Im looking for an unresponsive incredibly balanced yoyo. (yoyojam requests recommended) it would be good to find one under 85$ :slight_smile:

I recommend the YYJ Dark Magic 2 it’s a great yoyo. I have it and it is $40.80. It comes with a thin bearing for responsive play (remember, you have to break down the bearing before its responsive) and in a little bag it has a SPEC bearing for unresponsive play. I recommend this yoyo to any one. Hoped this helped :D!

What do you have now? What exactly do you like and dislike about it?

I also recommend the DM2. 2 bearings to change the mode of play, plus it can grind if you’re into that. Most of the YYJ yoyos between the price of the Chaser and the XCon Pro come to mind as good stuff, even as far up as the Phenomizm. You have to really look at specs to see what weights and sizes as this is a large number of yoyos to choose from.

YYF also has a lot of stuff in this price range. Since you’re talking a budget of up to $85, you open yourself up to One Drop yoyos, such as the Cafe Racer, but the Burnside is just slightly out of reach. RecRev and H-Spin have several good players in this range. There’s also many “budget metals” under $50 that are cheap only in price and BIG on performance.

Your problem is that while you’ve budgeted enough to do something great with, the amount of choices might be overwhelming. Start throwing in some limiting factors to narrow down the search if you can. I like the YYJ plastic/metals a lot and even though I have higher priced stuff, I still come back to my DM2 time and time again. My Chaser is all plastic and a lot of fun, but so is my all metal Phenom. BUt I find myself throwing my Corli Prototype and Code 1 a lot the past few days. So, maybe go with a full metal. At $85, that’s still a lot to look at. Whatever you do, don’t rush it. Take a couple of weeks if you need to. And if you can’t really decide,let your eyes tell you what to get, as long as your wallet allows. Oh, and don’t forget about bulk string, shipping and possibly other accessories.

Protostar. It’s really good

My choice would be the Dv888 and yyf has some really cool splash colors coming out soon too
The DV is really smooth player and a yoyo that will last you for a long time. It is great for intermediate to expert and is probably my favorite yoyo under $50

My choice, is the Rec Rev Oscillatrix, it is very under priced for what you’re getting.  The Oscillatrix plays better than $120 dollar throws that I have, no lie. Also, it’s only $62.99, so if you had a few more bucks you could probably pick up a DM2 as well off of the B/S/T. I highly recommend the Oscillatrix, and if you don’t like it for whatever reason (which I highly doubt) I’ll trade you a throw for it. I got like 20 throws at the moment, ranging from One Drops, to Crucials, to CLYW, to YYF. I guarantee you will love this thing, and won’t believe that it only costs $62.99. Also, to top it off, it comes with a Crucial Groove bearing, which is just amazing! Usually companies will throw in some cheap regular C bearing, so it’s super cool they throw in like a $10 dollar bearing on top of the low price.

Check out this review on it (not I didn’t make the review) :slight_smile:

the protostar is an amazing yoyo that i recommend time and time again, however, unless youre planning to plunge into 3a, i recommend an upgrade because of your budget… the rockstar is basically a metal protostar, and sits nicely in your budget… for 85 bucks thats what i would recommend… but if the balance is more important to you than the money, i would recommend a SPYY or OD instead… (particularly thinking of the code 1 right now)

I would go with the Yeah3.

Really stable throw, and you wouldn’t really need another yo-yo unless you just wanna try other stuff out later on.

It’s also good for horizontal play if you ever wanted to try that out.

Northstar or Protostar.

I just recently bought a spinfaktor x with a konkave bearing. My intention was to get a decent performing plastic that I could carry around and not be afraid of messing it up. I have to say I’m really impressed with it, there isn’t anything I can do with a metal that I can’t just as easily do with the spinfaktor, except of course grinds. I practice learning new tricks on my spinfaktor as much as my metals. That’s a $60 combo if you want to go yoyojam.

I just got a One Drop Burnside and I absolutely love it. It felt like a major upgrade from the DM2 and Grind Machine I was mostly throwing before. The Burnside is incredibly smooth and stable and will spin forever… exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried anything else in that price range to compare it to. I was convinced by everyone raving about the Burnside in reviews and picked it over the 888, Avant Garde, and Superstar. It hits the top range of your budget, but if I had spent $120 on this yoyo (instead of $85) I still would feel like I got my money’s worth.