The most bang for my buck

I’m between a beginner and intermediate skill wise, an able to do the spirit bomb successfully 1/10 xD
Anyway I need a new yoyo but don’t want to spend more than $25 on it.
Also, looking for a yoyo that’s maintenance is low because I’ll probably practice ALOT and wear it down quickly…
Please suggest something that’s matched the criteria, the price, and where to get it :slight_smile:


Well, Classic rocks hard. Responsive, unresponsive, dial-in the response to meet your needs(stock rubber rings, flowable or pre-made pads). It does 1A, 3A and 5A really good. With an upgraded bearing and pre-made pads, you should stay under budget. This is where I would go.

Odds are you’re into unresponsive play.

If you want a light-weight challenge: Whip or ONE. OneStar is a bit heavier, still on the lighter side, but more reasonable. Stackless Grind Machine is great if you like the shape.

Back to YYJ, you have the Classic, Surge, Lyn Fury and Legacy II. The Lyn Fury needs better response pad over the stock rubber rings.

C3 has the Alpha Crash,.

Adegle Yoyo has the PSG, PSG Gem(heavier and I think better) and the Asteroid. The PSGs are great for 1A, 3A and 5A while the Asteroid is just a 1A monster. PSG Gem would be my next strong recommendation.

All are under $25, some under $15, some under $10 and are ALL available at YoyoExpert.

If metal is what you want, the odds are that unless you hit up Magic YoYo via Ebay, forget it. T5 is a personal favorite of mine, followed by the N12.

Unless you beat the crap out of your stuff, any will be fine. Pads wear down, so figure out your solution, be it pre-made pads or flowable. Bearings may need cleaning, but they may not. Strings wear down fast and need frequent changing.

I honestly would buy a Magic Yo probably. It’ll do everything a high end metal will for beans. You wouldn’t ever need a new throw no matter how good you got.

Magic Yo. By far the most bang for your buck. Just find one with specs you like.

My vote goes to the YYJ Classic or Surge. Both great budget throws that will seriously take one heck of a beating and keep coming back for more (my Classic’s eaten more than its fair share of pavement). The C3 Alpha Crash is great as well but I find mine’s a bit pickier with bearings than the YYJs I’ve mentioned. Anything other than a flat bearing and binds get a bit slippy. Could just be mine though.


Yoyojam Classic + CBC Pads + Wide Bearing

Yoyojam Trigger

Yoyofactory Velocity

Yoyojam Surge

Ok decided to spend like $45 on yoyo itselfxD
Are dark magic 2 and dv888 good?
What response does t5 use?
Is metal drifter good? I think I might have one somewhere…

the DM2 is great, and it’s a great baseline, when comparing other yo-yos.

DM2 is great but if you’re looking to spend about $45, I’d go with the YYF Delrin Severe. Does everything the DM2 does just a little bit better. The YYF Protostar is also great value at $35 and is a staple in many yoyoers collections.


My vote is Surge or alpha crash.