What are some good yoyos under 25 dollars.

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #1

What are good yoyos under 25 dollars unresponsive speedahiolic or alpha crash or flip side or some other?That stays stable even at low RPMs and has a good tilt control like Regen gets slow if we tilt correct it with string because of material is sticky?.



(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #3

K and I indicated those because if I get a any of those I can get a pro yo or pro fly as I even need some string and pads so the budget Is 30 or 35 dollars 10 dollars or 15 for strings pads. That left 25 dollars for a yoyo or two.


I’m a big fan of the Alpha Crash. Lots of fun and great performance for a plastic. The Magic N12 is a metal which performs really, really well for the price. I’m not the biggest fan, but Protostars are also around for $25 in some places.

I just realized that the three I mentioned off the top of my head, either aren’t available any longer on YYE, never were, or are above that price range here. A few under $25 options which are currently available for purchase on YYE would be the ONEstar, PSG and the Speedaholic.

(Erik Kerber ) #5

YYJ Classics good for a plastic and is well under the budget so you could get 2 assuming you have extra bearings laying around then you don’;t need the upgrade kit unless you want nicer pads but the O rings are decent enough for awhile you can get better pads later.

(major_seventh) #6

YYJ Classic, upgraded bearing and silicone.

Better than even most of the budget throws on the market.

I have a Premiere, and it’s fun, but the Classic outperforms it.

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And I’m looking for a fun yoyo and how are above yoyo I listed on low rpms.


Speedaholic, Classic, and Surge are my favorites in that price range.

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And zorro I know you play 5a which of these would you prefer for 5a while I like 5a with yoyofactory regen but these might be better then it.


I learned on a YYJ Lyn Fury (about $14). It may not be a newpopular model but it worked for me.


The Classic is too light but the Surge is okay, it plays similarly to the Regen for 5A. Never tried a Speedaholic for 5A.


I love the OneStar for $15 you can’t beat it. Also, I hate the speedaholic, it vibes like it has parkinsons (I apologize to my friend who died of it, but its true) and is very low quality. Get a OneStar!

(major_seventh) #13

The Classic isn’t too light at all for 5a IMO.

I mean, it’s technically light as far as it’s weight goes, but much of that is focused on the rims, and it’s oversized, which is nice.