Yoyos $10 -$20

Hello guys,

im looking for a yoyo between $10 - $20.

i just want to know what my options are and what you recommend.
i’ve been throwing for years, and need a new beater yoyo. but im just out-dated on the selection nowadays at that price.

i would like the names of yoyos in this category.


The speedaholic is AMAZING.

So is the Alpha Crash!

Both 13 and 20

I second this.
They both play really better with a bearing other than the stock one though.

There is also the OneStar which is pretty impressive for its price.

Buy a c3 speedaholic. super good and about $15.

I second the onestar.

i like my classic with a wide bearing in it tons of fun.

i forgot to mention - no Duncan, YYJ , YYF, or C3 yoyos or the PSG.
I know those are the commonly ones being advertised, I want something that is less talked about.

I have plenty of their yoyos already. I want something that is a newer and different company, good or not.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Not sure if any other company has come out with a budget yoyo recently…

Magic yoyo. Budget friendly and amazing.

That’s what I thought, but at this price you’ll have to ordr on barely reliable websites :-\

Get a classic and a speedaholic. It adds up to 23 but its worth it! be sure to upgrade your classic once you get it though!

Empire sun and empire sun are $25

This. Get a t5 or n12. The t5 is like $10 and the n12 is like $20

Or a Dark Sprite, definitely in my top 3 plastics ever.

definitely the onestar, gets the job done.

In your price range, those offer the most choices.

Classic, onestar, speedaholic, or alpha crash.

If someone gave me a onestar without me knowing it was a onestar, id say that it would probably cost 25 or 30 dollars. It plays that good. Perfect for 5a too.

Magic Yoyo N12, without a doubt.